5 Home Decor Ideas That Will Have Your Guests Wowed

5 Home Decor Ideas That Will Have Your Guests Wowed

Decor touches that wow the guests that come to your home can be a lot of things, fun, tasteful, or even outrageous. The main thing to keep in mind, however, is that it’s important to decorate for yourself and your family first and foremost. Whatever you do to decorate your home must be something you can live with and that is practical and functional. If you are thinking of redecorating one or more rooms in your home, try one of these ideas. Sometimes, just one change can dramatically alter the look of the whole room.

Floor Treatment

Guest Decor, 5 Home Decor Ideas That Will Have Your Guests WowedGuest Decor, 5 Home Decor Ideas That Will Have Your Guests WowedTry painting a faux rug on your hardwood floor. It is relatively inexpensive to do, and it is far cheaper than new carpeting or re-sanding and varnishing. You can design your own template and tape it off with painter’s tape; in fact you can lift up and reapply painter’s tape for hours on end until you get the look you want. A faux rug can have any pattern and color; you limited only by your imagination. Some people will even paint “fringe” on both ends of the “rug” to make it look more realistic. A faux rug changes the whole look of a room, and there is no special cleaning needed; simply sweep and mop as you would any bare floor.

Other Painting Ideas

Paint is the most versatile decor changer; you can mix and match colors, add borders, paint just one wall, or pain the entire room, including a ceiling that looks like the night sky. You can also paint small pieces of furniture in colors that complement the drapes or the carpet.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Using mirrors for decorative touches hasn’t fallen out of fashion for good reason: they are affordable and versatile. A mirror of just about any size will make your living space look larger and add light to the room. Small mirror tiles in a back splash can add a lot of flash to a small kitchen; antique hand mirrors arranged on a bedroom wall as an art piece lends the room an understated effect while adding brightness. A large mirror on a living room wall can make the room seem twice as big as it is.


Strategically placed lamps and spotlights can change the look of a room in an instant. Use up lighting on a plant in a corner, recessed ceiling lights for ambiance, and small spotlights to feature your favorite artwork. Take special consideration when thinking of lighting as it really can change the ambiance of the whole room.

Window Treatments

Window treatments are great for enhancing beautiful, big windows, but the right treatment can just as easily disguise small or unattractive windows. A light, gauzy material loosely draped so that it frames a large picture window lends warmth to a room without obscuring the view. If you have a large room and one or two small windows in the middle of one wall, you can extend the curtain rod by several feet on either end and hang floor length draw drapes. Open them just enough to expose the window, giving the illusion of a wall of glass on either side. When the drapes are drawn closed, it is impossible to know if there is a window or a wall behind them.

Having some guests over can be a real treat for some people and the more prepared you are the better time you will have. If you ever need any help with any decorations issues you should visit experts like those at Greenbaum Interiors to get their opinion on the matter. Remember these home decorating tips when considering some new additions for your home.

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