7 Home Decor Accents That Make a Room Shine

7 Home Decor Accents That Make a Room Shine

There are many ways to use accents in your home decor to make your rooms shine. It doesn’t take a lot of money when you can put your creativity to work but always be on the lookout for deals on items that you can add for a little character. The following are some tricks and tips to make each room in your home truly shine!

Use Yellow for Brightness

Home decor, 7 Home Decor Accents That Make a Room Shine

Nothing lights up a room more than a sunshiny yellow. You can use a signature piece that is all yellow or let yellow be mixed in with other colors in several places to pull out that happy color. Many people keep their yellow in the closet till the summer and decide on some great seasonal decor. Consider keeping some yellow throw pillows around to really make each day seem sunny!

Mirrored Furniture

Having mirrors on your dresser, nightstand, console, chest, side tables, coffee table, ottoman, bench, accent tables or anywhere else will create shine as lights in the room are reflected in the surfaces. Mirrors can also make a small room seem larger than ever with some tactful mirrors. Experiment with this idea as there are many variations of mirrored furniture you can opt for.

Decorate an Elegant Room

Set up one favorite room to be glamorous, whether it is your bedroom, bathroom or study. Use silky drapes, large mirrors, vases, an overhead chandelier, and throw pillows made out of a metallic material perhaps with added sequins!

Turn Your Dining Room Into an Experience

Your dining room is often the most used room so make sure to take time into planning some quality home decor to make this place a great commonplace. Put a variety of shiny silver vases on top of your buffet with a few on your dining table to draw the eye. Use varying shapes and heights to make a sparkling arrangement that will pick up the lighting in the room. Making you dining room shine can really make you feel like you’re in a castle.

“WOW” up your Bathroom

If you have guests over for any extended amount of time they will most certainly ask to use your bathroom. Make their visit to this room memorable by adding some special touches. Use a soft silver shiny metallic wallpaper or have scented candles lit. Hang a gold or silver framed mirror or any mirror with a glitzy frame. Also put bright accessories throughout the room to bring a light and shine to their experience. Try some of these products to make your bathroom truly shine with decadence.

Area Rugs

With the endless number of exquisite designs available in bright colors, you can add a new rich dimension. A patterned rug on top of solid color wall-to-wall carpeting can create an unusual layered look that is pleasing to the eye. If you want to set off an area as one for intimate conversations, place a smaller rug there.

Lamps Can Be Pretty and Not Just Functional

Tiffany lamps, whether the real thing or beautiful copies, are still very much in style and reflect light in a manner that is fantastic to watch. Many designer lamps have elegance and luxurious appeal. Rather than using two table lamps in a room, add a floor lamp to change the normal look.

With quality suggestions and products that you can find at Access Furniture you can be sure to come up with some great home decor ideas for any room. Discovering some interesting and inspiring ideas can be a great experience and finding the right item that really brings the room together can give you a sense of accomplishment like never before. Use these tips to get your creativity to light up with ways to make your rooms shine.

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