Alternative Ways to Finance your Interior Design

Alternative Ways to Finance your Interior Design

Affording the dream living space isn’t a luxury that’s afforded to everyone. That’s not to say that its unattainable for us all. The importance of transforming the space in which we live, work and play is essential to our well being. There are multiple ways to create the ideal living space without breaking the bank. Strategic and tasteful interior design can be achieved by spreading the cost over a number of months.


DFS hosts a range of repayment options. So much so, there is bound to be one for everybody. Check them bout by using their interest-free cred calculator.  Whether you buy in-store or online, they have truly flexible payment terms to suit you. Repayments on your furniture remain totally interest-free so the price you agree to pay today will always be the price you pay.

Take advantage of the 4 years interest-free credit at 0% APR by selecting your budget, entering in the deposit (if any) you’d like to pay and then choose the number of months across which you’d like to pay. This flexible repayment process allows you a totally interest-free loan over anything from 6-48 months. Your payments will start one month after delivery where you have the choice to pay by cash, credit or debit card.

Once you’ve placed your order, leave the rest to DFS. They work with a group of selected finance companies and send your order to one that will carry out a credit check and advise them on their decision. If the first provider doesn’t accept your application, DFS will try a panel of providers on your behalf.

John Lewis

Retailer of tasteful home interiors, John Lewis, has set up a similar payment option that allows you to create your ideal living space affordably. If you’ve already imagined your ideal living space and visually placed that designer chair by your window shutters that frame the whole room- John Lewis can bring this all together into reality with interest-free credit.

Whilst compared to DFS payment plans, JL seems to have a few more requirements and restrictions, their range of household decor and appliances might be able to sway you. Spread the cost over 12 months for purchases over £1000. This gives you an affordable way to manage your repayments- with 0% representative APR and no arrangement fees or hidden extras. Like DFS, you pay the price you initially agree on. Unlike DFS, a minimum m deposit of 10% is required and a minimum deposit of 20% on fitted bedrooms.

What’s so great about revamping your home on finance?

Immediately and cost-effectively get your hands on the latest trends, styles and home decor a la mode. This seasons chaise long is a few clicks away, you can already envision it in the living room. If constraints on your financial capacity are holding you back from your dream home, make it a non-issue now.

As with keeping up with the latest trends, life can often present us with new and unexpected surprises. Whether its an unforeseen disaster such as a flood or breakage, or an expecting mother, spreading the cost of your home design can help.

What’s not so good?

If you commit to a 4-year monthly payment plan, there is no guarantee that you will be in an appropriate financial position in the future to continue making payments. This could put you in a stressful situation and totally negates the positive effects of financing your interior design. Simply be sure, before you commit to your repayment plan.

Whilst your financial situation could change, there’s no doubting that design trends will. If staying on top of the latest trends in home decor is important to you, do remember that they change more frequently than once every four years. One way out of this is to go for the timeless and classic pieces that will add style to your home today, tomorrow and in years to come.

Lastly, one should always be cautious when making use of interest-free credit. It can be addictive. By paying a small amount each month, it can become very compelling to take things further and further until everything in your home is on hire purchase. One of the reasons this financing strategy worked so well is because it is affordable. Keep it affordable by staying withing the means you mean to go on.

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