Awards for carpentry and How They are Judged

Awards for carpentry and How They are Judged

Carpentry is a considered a skill, but the best carpenters bring artistry into play, as well. It takes creativity and knowledge of the different techniques to create products that are award-winning. Many people do not even know that there are contests and awards for carpentry, with competitors who come from all over the world to display the beauties they have created. But what are these awards and how are they judged?

Carpenters’ Craft Competition

The Institute of Carpenters host this competition every year, with many different categories that people can sign up for. It is a competition that allows students to show their talent and their work, with professionals in the industry judging them. The judges look for entries that use advanced techniques correctly and that incorporate carpentry, joinery, and shop fitting skills – you can see some examples of this type of multi discipline carpentry at Eastwood’s Carpentry and Joinery in Leicester. The Carpenters’ Craft Competition is the only national competition in the UK that brings all of these elements together.

Gorilla Glue Apprentice of the Year competition

Every year Gorilla Glue hosts a national contest for creations that were made using only Gorilla Glue and wood. This competition requires skill and creativity to stand out, with judges looking for craftsmanship as well as utility in the items they create. Gorilla Glue is looking for people who stand out and who have a natural affinity to the carpentry trade. The most recent winner, Ryan Beckett, won the regional contest in Appleton with his biscuit barrel, which he made using the lathe technique.

Wangaratta and Benalla GOTAFE National Trade Awards

Students of these institutions have the opportunity to present work for various awards, including an apprenticeship award. These awards recognize excellence in various skills and trades, and carpentry is one of the most popular. Judges look for students who are dedicated to their work and who can create pieces that are both creative and functional.

The Wood Awards

The Institute of Carpenters hosts this competition, too. These awards are given to people who use this sustainable material with excellent craftsmanship and with unique designs. Installations using wood are also a staple in this competition. One of the wonderful things about this award is that even if a project is not shortlisted, it will still receive exposure through social media.

These are some of the best carpentry awards in the UK. Inventiveness as well as technique is important for judges, as is dedication to the craft.

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