Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

The following year will witness some interesting twists in the interior design world. Here are some of the most popular design trends for 2017 that will get you excited and eager to redecorate.


Terracotta is making a comeback into people’s homes and it’s got a new and improved look. It was used mainly as a building material in the past, but now it has a new purpose – to make our interiors more inviting. “Unlike in the 80s, they aren’t used as border tiles. Instead they will have a natural matte finish and be used as feature walls in bathrooms or for cladding fireplaces,” says Lauren Macer of Sisalla Interior Design. A matte finish will emphasize their softer side and create a warmer and more welcoming feeling.


Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

Perhaps the biggest comeback into interior design belongs to cork. This practical and interesting material can be used to decorate virtually any surface. “It’s used in coffee table bases in combination with stone tops, and as solid cork stool or side table,” Macer adds. It can also be used as a decoration for the entire walls for those who want a more “out there” design look.

Dark green shades

Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

Dark green tones are completely taking over interior designs. “Dark green as a paint color for rooms such as a bedroom creates a wintery Scandi backdrop for tan leathers, reindeer furs, brass lamps and natural linen,” says Macer.  If you’re not into Scandinavian style, you can use this color in accents for cushions, armchairs, rugs, and other decorative pieces. This rich color brings nature closer to your home and gives it a fresh look.

Metals and jewels

Combining different metals like brass and gold seems to be in store for us next year. Incorporating jewels into interior decoration looks royally and will give your home a lavish touch. “Metallics, metals, raw-cut quartz, Lucite and opal will add a dash of sparkle and interest,” says the Nathan + Jac team. White plaster is another material that will prominently feature in the newest design trends, which can be used for chairs, beds and lighter items, according to designer Marie Flanigan.

Cozy spaces

Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

Open-plan living isn’t in the game anymore and it’s being replaced with smaller, defined cozy spaces. People seek privacy and want their home to be a peaceful place where they can retreat and relax after a day of work. They also want a break from technology overload they are constantly surrounded with, so their quiet little place should be tech-free. Little reading corners with a lovely shaggy rug, comfortable chairs, and cute bookshelves are becoming a necessity in homes.

Bathroom privacy

Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

Bathroom designs are also embracing the concept of privacy. Unlike before, bathtubs and toilet zincs are significantly reduced in size to contribute to the feeling of intimacy. However, they haven’t lost anything when it comes to their functionality and beauty.

Classic look with a modern twist

Beautiful Interior Design Trends for 2017

Classic furniture from the 60s and 70s is coming back with a new glow. Luxury bedheads are taking the lead and turning our bedrooms into extravagant hotel rooms and high-end, celebrity homes. Whether you choose a fancy color like marshmallow or velvet or stick to neutrals, you’ll give your bedroom a timeless, vintage look. Retro style isn’t only visible in furniture, but in lighting pieces as well. The stunning collection comprising of a chandelier, hanging lamps and table lamps by Jaime Hayon is incorporating modern elements into classic shapes and the result is breathtaking.

These trends will be flooding our homes in 2017 so take your pick and welcome the New Year in your classy, up-to-date home.

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