Best Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Kitchen

Best Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house. It must contain a lot of stuff inside, and it must be clean and comfortable at a time, so the bigger the space we have in the kitchen, the better it is.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a kitchen with a large space. But don’t be worry, because there are some ideas of using the Kitchen that can help us dealing with small sized kitchen.

Multi function Kitchen Island

If the space of the kitchen is limited, it is better for us to choose the kitchen island that has multi function as well. We can install the sink, butcher block and cooktop in the kitchen island to thrift the use of the space.

We don’t need to use the other space to place the sink or the cooktop, so we can use the space to place the other stuff. We must also choose the kitchen with many drawers, shelves, or cabinets in it, so we can put the plates and the other cutlery and cooking appliances in it.

We can also utilize the board surface of the kitchen as the dining table. Just put several stools around the kitchen island and everything is nice.

Portable Kitchen Island

The other alternative idea for a limited space kitchen is the portable kitchen. This kind of Kitchen can be moved and has smaller size than the built into the ground kitchen island. It also has tray, shelves, or cabinet in it, so it will save the space and be the dining table as well.

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