Clever Atmosphere Defining Lighting Tricks for Your Home

Clever Atmosphere Defining Lighting Tricks for Your Home

Having the right lighting in the home is often just as important as the fixtures in the home, the paint on the walls and the artwork and furniture in every room. With great lighting options, the homeowner can change the way their home looks and feels with just a few simple lighting fixtures and designs.

Taking a look at each of the options below can change rooms from places where people read books and watch TV into intimate havens for people to do what they enjoy most. Whether people are practicing music, writing a book, cooking or just spending quality time together there is a way to make the rooms in the home gorgeous and functional at the same time.

1. Point Lights at the Ceiling, Walls

  Clever Atmosphere Defining Lighting Tricks for Your Home

Rather than having a blinding light fixture hanging over the room, it is better for homeowners to use lamps and lighting fixtures on the walls to point light up towards the ceiling rather than pointing light down at everyone in the room. When light reflects off the ceiling and into the room below, a softer, more organic effect that resembles the sun’s light. This kind of lighting actually makes it easier to read, write and think. Those who are prone to headaches will actually experience less irritation from the light in their home when it’s done right.

This affect can be achieved in many ways, but I’ll suggest monorail or track lighting. The average homeowner can easily adjust the light fixtures on the monorail to direction of focus desired. The combination of the lighting can create a warm glow that goes great in a living room or kitchen.

2. Choosing the Right Light

Clever Atmosphere Defining Lighting Tricks for Your Home

The color and intensity of a light make a huge difference in a room. Light has so much variability to it that it can be overwhelming to harness the flavor that the right light can bring. I’ll provide just a few of my favorites and tell you what they do to a room.

Since most rooms should have a relaxing feel to them, I usually like to have soft white light bulb for my rooms. The over-arching tone of the room’s light is this soft glow color. But the focuses of the room like the kitchen range, a work desk, or important photos on the wall in the living room. For the focus lighting, choose a sharper color as an accent to the room’s soft glow.

3. Don’t Have a Central Point of Light

Clever Atmosphere Defining Lighting Tricks for Your Home

It is very common for homes to have lighting fixtures that are the sole source of light in a room like a fan lamp. While this definitely simplifies things, it takes away from the possibilities that light can do. For a room with deeper dimension, and beauty, divide up your light sources into smaller individual fixtures. And place them well. Give more weight to the focus of the room like the bed in a master bedroom, or the entertainment center in the family room.

4. Use a Dimmer

Sometimes, the people in the room love the lighting in the room, but they may find that the lighting in the room is a little much during certain parts of the day. The problem with turning the lights on and off is that the lights are either too high or too low. Having a dimmer in the room allows the people in the room to set the light at just the right level for the people in the room at the time. The best part about a dimmer is the ability to change the mood at any time.

With these three major features in every room, the homeowner will have a chance to get the lighting right in every room. Make sure to get the right electrical work done in your home when installing your planned lighting arrangements.

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