What are the Different Stages of Floor Sanding Process

What are the Different Stages of Floor Sanding Process

In earlier ages, people used wooden floors to give their house the least of problems. Now, people want to increase the overall appearance of the homes by doing floor sanding. The beautification of floor is not the only purpose of floor sanding, it is mandatory to do if anybody buys an old house. Many people search for some providers who are giving dust free floor sanding service.

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There are different stages of sanding service process. If you want to get well finished job from the service provider, then they should have to go through the below mentioned stages to satisfy you by their work.

1. Finding out a good service provider

If you are going to sand your floor to give a better look to it, you have to find out a good service provider for the sanding process. You can search it through the internet. You have to browse for the service providers and if needed to contact them by email or over the phone to get their details regarding the work. It includes since how many years they are serving, what are the best clients they have worked for, some sample pictures about their job, etc. If you get satisfied with them, you can give them a contract for sanding your home.

2. Preparation for Sanding

Preparation involves lifting of carpets, if any, or moving of furniture of the home, if required. Before starting the sanding process the floor must be totally cleared or else, there would be certain problem faced while sanding the floor.

3. Repairing of the floor

Before starting the sanding process on the wooden floor, it should be checked whether there is any repairing required on the floor or not. There may be some wood that is damaged or loose fixed. You have to replace the damage wooden and fix the loose wood properly. It is required because once the sanding process is done; there will be no chance to replace the woods. You must do it before carrying on with any sanding process as if they’re not done earlier then that will look very odd on the floor.

4. Sanding

The first stage of sanding is to remove all dirt and scratches from the floor. For this purpose, rough grit floor sanding belts are used. Sanding will be continued with different grit paper to the floor gets totally even and smooth. This would be continued until and unless the floor has become smooth enough.

5. Filling up Gaps

It is one of the most important parts of the sanding process. Here the gaps that are found between woods are filled with sawdust. The sawdust will be mixed with resin for filling the gaps. If the gap found is too big, then slivers of wood can be used to refill the same. This gap offilling work should be done patiently because if it is found that gaps are not filled properly, the entire floor will look bad and the total energy lost for sanding the floor would go in vain.

6. Staining and Varnishing

Staining and Varnishing is the last stage of sanding procedure. There are several types of finishes available in the market. You can choose any of them as per your requirement, and that should be matching goods to your house with the interiors. The experts for staining and varnishing will use coats of your choice to complete the sanding process. Once they complete staining and varnishing, you would get the perfect finish on your floor that you had been looking for.

Follow the above mentioned steps to complete floor sanding at your home. However, the effect that you would get from these,especially from expert hands of this field cannot be matched with anything else. Thus, choose a good service provider who can provide you the above mentioned service and then you can see the difference in your floor. So if you can choose the right company and give your effort to finalize and take decisions whenever required with some patience, you should give your room a beautiful look with the floor sanding procedure. You will surely find a good floor in your home after completion of the above mentioned stages.

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