Five Amazing Upcycled Cabinet Ideas

Five Amazing Upcycled Cabinet Ideas

Is your expanding book collection in need of a new home? Or perhaps you need somewhere to store your endless collection of records? Whether it’s a DVD shelf you’re after or just a stylish cabinet for some decorative items, here are five amazing upcycled cabinet ideas that could give your home a new, contemporary edge.

Before beginning any upcycling project, be sure to have the right power tools and safety equipment. For more information on essential tools/equipment, visit Anglia Tool Centre.

 1. Upcycled Wooden Crates

Wine shops, fruit and veg shops, or local farm shops often have unwanted wooden crates – so the next time you’re shopping, be sure to ask. Collect enough of these unused wooden crates and you could have the perfect materials for an upcycled record cabinet or book shelf. Assemble your crates in any way you like (use matching crates or different shapes/sizes for an eclectic look) and use screws or hot glue to fix neighboring crates together safely.

2. The Hollow Guitar Cabinet

If you have an old guitar but just can’t face throwing it out, why not transform it into something much more practical? Instead of wasting space, make it the ultimate contemporary storage space using this musical instrument. Hollow out an old guitar, add some shelves and add a door if you want to conceal the contents.

 3. The Staircase Drawers

Need to save space in the home? If your house design lacks ergonomics, here is the ultimate storage solution. Turn your staircase into individual drawers; the ideal place to hide away CDs, DVDs, shoes, wires and cables or other small items that can clutter up your living room.

4. Old Repurposed Suitcases

If you have an old suitcase that no longer serves its purpose, don’t give it away just yet. Mount it onto your wall, add some shelves and you could turn it into an ‘upcycled chic’ piece of furniture for your home. If you have more than one spare suitcase, create a series of cabinets for a beautiful interior design theme that flows gracefully through every room. Go to Houzz for more ideas.

 5. Recycled Magazine Woven CD Basket

If you’re a dab hand at weaving, why not try it using recycled magazine or newspaper pages? Woven baskets are a superb way of storing CDs, DVDs, magazines and other clutter in your home. Use sheets of sticky back film to stick the weave together or varnish to protect the basket from wear and tear.

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