Wooden floors can beautify home decor, but the wood flooring care needs to be a longer life. In this article I present will care for your wood flooring.

The first key is doing the proper treatment because the treatment depends on the type of wood flooring of wood, laminate. If we take proper care of your wood floor then have a long life and stay beautiful.

The second key is doing regularly cleaning by sweeping or vacuum. This is to keep clean and keep dirt and dust from the wood flooring, because dirt and dust or sand in the floor surface will erode and cause scratches on the floor.

The third key is doing the prevention of entry of dirt from the outside of the home by using a mat at the entrance of the house. So that dirt carried by people entering the home leg will be left on the mat.

The fourth key, regularly do the cleaning the floor with a mop wood flooring, use an almost dry mop. Mop not too much water, because water can penetrate between the blades and damage your floor, so it can cause warping water. If there is damage to the laminate, the water will be trapped under the floor so that it will support the growth of mold under the floor.

That’s how to take care wood flooring. Hopefully this article useful and make your wood flooring more durable and stay beautiful.

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