How to Choose Appropriate Floorings for Different Rooms

How to Choose Appropriate Floorings for Different Rooms

Choosing the appropriate flooring for your home may seem to be a simple affair, but when you get down to the nuts and bolts of it, you will understand the complexities involved in zeroing in on the right ones. The factors that you may have to consider are: Durability, utility, cost, aesthetics, comfort, safety and availability. Another important factor is environmental issues.

Timber, once a very commonly used flooring material, though it meets comfort level requirements, it is on the wane because of their adverse impact on the earth’s ecology. In its place have come so many other materials, some made from natural materials and still others a blend of natural and synthetic materials. In fact a vast number of flooring today is minerals like marble and granite.

Often marble, granite and porcelain tiles themselves do not make complete flooring. They will need to be covered with carpets to give that extra feel of comfort and luxury. Carpets again come made with different materials; mostly of plant or animal origin. Some of them can be so expensive that not all homes can really afford that kind of luxury. Besides, they need to be replaced frequently if they are used in places with high traffic like the porch.

That makes materials perfectly fit for bedrooms totally unusable in kitchens and living rooms for example. Nevertheless, the flooring industry has come up with flooring options that are highly specialized; each designed for use in particular rooms within the home. Here are some suggestions that you can consider when shopping for flooring materials based on which rooms you propose laying them.

For the Kitchen

The perfect flooring for kitchen is one that is fireproof, less prone to wear and tear and non-staining. It should also be easy to clean. A smooth surface is desirable and at the same time be non-slippery even when wet. Floorings made from cork, wood derivatives and other materials that are capable of absorbing moisture should be avoided at all cost. The ones you can consider are: Terrazzo flooring, marble flooring and ceramic, all of which are easy to sanitize. The downside to Terrazzo and marble are they need to be polished periodically. Ceramic needs no polishing.

For the Living Room

The next important room in the home is the living room. Here is where most of the family members will be spending most of their time. Unless there is a separate room to receive visitors, the living room will be used for that purpose too. So aesthetics is an important factor just as much as feel and durability, for the simple reason that living rooms get lots of traffic. If the household can afford, hardwood is perfect. They make little noise, give rooms a luxurious look, and will easily blend with most ceiling. The other options are: Marble, polished granite and vinyl tiles. If you are planning wall to wall carpeting, then it hardly matters whether you use tile, granite or marble.

For the Bedroom

Selecting the flooring for the bedroom should be done meticulously. The flooring has to be soft so that you can walk even barefooted, and if you live in a place prone to extreme temperatures, then it needs to be a good insulating material as well. They will help you keep the room cool during summers and warm during winters. Further if the weather for most part is cold, consider not to use marble or granite. They can be extremely chilling and walking barefooted can be painful. However, if circumstances demand that you use them, then the use of mattresses is unavoidable. The best option, even environmentally, is a mattress made from cork and rendered fireproof. They should be laid wall to wall.

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