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Make Your Holidays Special And Enduring By Installing Light Systems

holiday lighting installation
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It is rightly said by Aaron Rose,” In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary”. It is an established fact that lighting creates magic more than illumination and it greatly influences the ambiance. Decorative lighting refers to lighting that enhances the beauty of the house and adds an artistic appeal to the house. At the same time it performs the basic requirement of functional lighting. Basically lighting installation can be of two types:

  • Indoor Decorative Lighting:
    • Indoor decorative lighting is the lighting fixtures used inside a house.
    • Indoor lighting basically depends on the taste of the owner and it defines the personality of the owner.
    • Indoor lightings bring individual rooms of the house into life.
    • Interior lightings include ceiling fixtures like chandeliers and table fixtures like lamps.
    • It even includes task lighting where light is used for performing specific tasks like reading and writing by concentrating light on a particular area. holiday lighting installation - Interior Design
  • Outdoor Decorative Lighting:
    • It refers to the exterior lighting carried out around the building or house.
    • Outdoor decorative lightings are no longer confined to be used during celebrations like Christmas or during parties.
    • Exterior lightings can be used to illuminate and highlight the house and landscapes best features.
    • Exterior decorative lightings are also used to enhance the beauty of the garden and pools within the house.


holiday lighting installation - Interior Design

Here we will be discussing some of the types and features of the outdoor decorative lightings

  •  Sconce: It is a type of light fixture which is affixed to the wall and uses only the wall for support. The light is usually directed upwards and these often set on both sides of the front door with an easy access to the wirings in the wall.

holiday lighting installation

  • Position lighting: Positioning lightings on the ground to shine up homes or landscapes is called ‘uplighting’. Uplighting allows the house owners to highlight the key features of the house such as the texture of brick and color. But care should be taken while installing these lights, we should make sure that these lights are placed not more than four feet from the area to be lightened and should be kept at an angle less than 30 degrees from the vertical. This provides security from intruders.

holiday lighting installation

  • Patio lights: In ground patio lights can be used to light and mark pathways in the garden area to add an extra appeal to the house. These lights may be wired to the home or nowadays even solar charging facilities are also available where solar cells are installed which are charged all day to stay lit in the night.

holiday lighting installation

  • Floodlights: Floodlights are frequently used by owners to add that extra bit of light in the dark but these can actually create safety and security problems by limiting the risk to see the intruders.

holiday lighting installation

  • Low voltage outdoor lighting and halogen bulbs: Low voltage outdoor lightings are ideal to illuminate the landscape and even accent ornamental shrubs and trees. Halogen bulbs are energy efficient and a great alternative to traditional incandescent light.

holiday lighting installation

  • Lightings for holidays and occasions: Various types of festive and holiday lightings are available to brighten up the holidays and make them special which include string lights, underwater floating lights, twinkle lights, net lights and many more. To make it easier for you various agencies are coming up with their service of holiday lighting installation with a wide variety of lighting systems to select from.

holiday lighting installation

As told in the first line proper decorative lighting at the right place will make your house extraordinary and will create a window where people will keep admiring your house and its beauty.

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