There are so many colours! How to choose?

There are so many colours! How to choose?

So you want to paint garage and just don’t know what colour to choose? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! This is a task that can be boring and I’m sure you don’t want to have to repaint your garage in a year or even a decade so think about classic colours that won’t become outdated right away, and think about the quality of paint you’re selecting because this will contribute to the longevity of your colour and in turn will keep your garage looking brilliant for years to come.

My garage is brick, should I paint it?

Well brick is an interesting material and a very durable long lasting choice that’ll look good for years to come, however when we paint brick, we hide potential flaws. If we can’t see the mortar or brick then we don’t know when something is wrong, so it’s important to keep brick exposed and usually if you’re garage is brick then your home is brick as well so it’s nice to keep a consistent flow from one structure to the next.

Should my garage match my house?

Well, your garage is part of your home and I always recommend continuity in colour choice so that your home and your garage work together but sometimes contrasting colours can be very complimentary, so when considering contrast, consider the colour wheel and choose colours that are opposite one another to guarantee a pleasant contrast.

Consider keeping your garage one solid colour, as this is more of a classic look. But, there are some homeowners who really want to jazz up that curb appeal and a garage is a fun way to do that! By drawing a design or allowing an artist to use your garage as a canvass, there’s a great opportunity to let your more creative wild self have a little fun at home.

how to choose colour
How to choose colour

I have trim on my garage should I paint that a different colour?

If you have trim around windows, it may be nice to paint to it because you love your garage and you want to show it off! A white trim against a jewel tone can be lovely but also a black trim against a grey garage can create a cool contrast. There are so many options so try not to get overwhelmed.

Let the colour of your home be a starting point and then consider what you want your garage to look like but also how your home and garage look side by side and that’s really all ya need to choose the perfect colour!

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