Owning a Home is All About Creating Your Own Space

Owning a Home is All About Creating Your Own Space

Getting on the property ladder is many people’s ambition. Investing in property is often touted as having true security, although the many property bubbles bursting worldwide would argue against that. While many argue the economic benefits of owning home, economic benefits really ignore the main desire people have with for buying a house, and that is a desire to have a space that really represents them.

When you buy a home you are not beholden to anyone else. Sure, the bank may really own 90% of the property, but assuming you pay back the loan you don’t have to ask anyone can you hang a picture or put in a pool table. The house is yours to do as you please with, sort of. Many people buy homes as part of a couple, or as a family. When they say they own the home they really own the home with their partner. Both parties have to agree on how the home will be furnished and decorated. Maybe a TV the size of a small car is what you really want, but that gets negotiated down to a TV the size of a fridge. And with all these negotiations eventually the desire comes for a man cave.

A man cave need not be a cave and it doesn’t even have to be for a man. All a man cave is a part of your home that you don’t have to negotiate over. It is yours to do with as you see fit. The same thought process was gone through when you first bought your home, but probably as a couple. You wanted a place where you and your spouse could do as you wish, but as the years progressed you realized that once another person is involved their needs to be compromise.

If you build your man cave you will put a lot of thought into its trappings: the photographs and posters you hang, the furniture you install, even the beer you put in the fridge. A man cave is an expression of your personality and so is a home.

Many people feel that they don’t need expensive furniture once they have somewhere to sit and eat. Some people feel they could sit on the floor to eat once they have a high quality cooker to make a magnificent meal. Everyone who owns a house will have a different idea of how they will make it their own. Feeling that you own the space you live in is one thing. Feeling that the space you live in represents you is another, for some people the home they share with their partner is enough, for others a man cave is necessary. No matter what space you need for yourself the furniture you have and the art you hang is just as much about your personal expression as the clothes you wear and the music you dance to. Art, decoration and furniture isn’t just functional, for many it’s necessary to feel a space really is their own.

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