Professional Tips To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Perfectly

Professional Tips To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Perfectly

Some people see their kitchens as their sanctuary so they would do anything in their power to make them look chic, modern, yet incredibly practical. Redesigning a cooking space entirely means buying all-new furniture; unfortunately, not everyone disposes of $5,000 to make that kind of purchase. The simplest, most convenient way of revamping your kitchen is to repaint the kitchen cabinets. Don’t freak out! The process is a lot easier than it looks. You just need some useful guidelines to help you get started.

Professional Tips To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Perfectly

Choosing the paint

Ok, so now that you’ve decided to repaint the cabinets you might want to decide on a type of paint. We have two main types available: latex and oil paint. Generally speaking, latex has proven to be more durable because it dries really fast and it can be easily cleaned with water. Also, it’s a lot more user-friendly than oil-based paint. In spite of the benefits, some people would choose oil-based paint for their cabinets because they provide a smoother finish. Bottom line, it’s about personal preference here, so we’re not taking sides.

Tip: if you choose to go with the latex type, opt for 100% acrylic paint because it offers greater adhesion and durability than vinyl-acrylic paint.

Professional Tips To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Perfectly

Preparation is everything

Before starting the painting process you might want remove the hardware, doors, and drawers. Specialists say that the successful repainting process of kitchen cabinets depends on the surface preparation process in proportion of 90%. It’s vital for the cabinets to be dissembled prior to starting the painting process. Stripping the cabinets and exposing them to the natural color of the wood eliminates further adhesion problems between new paint and old finish.

Tip: Finishes performed on manufactured wood (particularly cabinets) consist of conversion varnish and catalyzed lacquer, both particularly tough when cured; if you’ve decided to go for stripping, sanding with a 15-grit after removing the old finish is highly recommended.

Professional Tips To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Perfectly

Let’s get the painting process started

Now that the cabinets have been removed, dissembled, stripped, sanded, and cleaned, it’s time to get the painting process started. If your kitchen cabinets are greatly stained, grab a stain-blocking primer; it dries extremely fast and it successfully seals knots and defective surfaces. You are also advised to use an underbody, which is a type of primer meant to fill in surface imperfections and make sure your cabinets are left smooth.

Upgrading hardware

Repainting kitchen cabinets to make them look more modern can happen. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same things about the hardware. Replacing knobs and handles is the best way to bring your “new” cabinets to life. It will cost you roughly $5 per knob/handle at the hardware store, so you’re not really making a huge investment. Opt for a style that you really like and remember – good-quality hardware will make a huge difference.

Replacing cabinet doors and drawers

To give your kitchens a complete makeover sometimes we just need to fix parts of your cabinets. For example, replacing cabinet doors and drawers can really bring the furniture back to life and truly provide your space with a whole different vibe. Think outside the box for a moment, and dare to change things others haven’t had the courage to change.

For example, if you your cabinet doors are worn out and they just look outdated, take them out for good. Remove them and leave your cabinets open. It’s an excellent tip actually, particularly if your kitchen is small and you want to make it more vibrant. Paint the inside of the cabinets though, and opt for a color that is in sync with the rest of your kitchen décor. The wow is effect is guaranteed!

As you can see, there’s no need to be a professional to have a professionally-looking kitchen. All you need is a concept to make your space look different. Homeowners with a limited budget on their hands should get informed prior to starting to paint their kitchen cabinets. It’s important to know the steps. Stripping, sanding, cleaning are all vital. Painting over old paint is the worst thing you could do because it won’t last, not to mention that the surface of the cabinets won’t look polished. Keep it safe, abide by the rules, and you’ll have the most flawlessly painted kitchen cabinets.

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