String Wall Art Tips | Interior Design Tips and Ideas

String Wall Art Tips | Interior Design Tips and Ideas

Are you getting bored at you home?

Do you want to do some interior design creativity to decorate your home?

Do you need Interior Design Tips and Ideas?

Let start with us we are here to share with you a nice interior design tips i.e. String Wall Art Tips to decorate your home by yourself. So let’s start now!

Do you want to try something easy and pretty so far looking great for your beautiful home? If yes then here is a string wall art tips for you that you can also try at your home and decorate your home on a very easy interior design tips style.

Interior Design Tips

To create it initially you have to take a rectangle or square piece of plywood/board and paint it with black color. After that set up hammering nails with equal gap on all it’s all the four sides.

Interior Design Tips

Then fasten a colored string to a nail. Here in the photo pink is taken to look beautiful with black color. You can take other colors as well that you like most or that match beautifully with your wall.

Interior Design Tips

After that start making loops of the string diagonally as shown below in this image.


Interior Design Tips

Your String Wall Art is ready to decorate your home and be on displayed on your home wall.

So its all about Interior Design Tips and Ideas!!

Enjoy crafting! String Wall Art Tips!!

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