How to Use Antique Furniture in Interior Design

Antique Furniture

Decorating with antique furniture is an excellent way to bring a timeless and elegant feel into any room of a house. If done correctly, the synergy between the old and the new can give a lasting and profound impression upon anyone who happens upon this eclectic mix. However, simply “throwing together” a handful of old couches or cupboards found at a local antique shop hardly qualifies as proper design strategy. Instead, there are a few important things that need to be considered when decorating with antique furniture. Continue reading “How to Use Antique Furniture in Interior Design”

Different Types of Interior Design

Different Types of Interior Design

Interior design is what makes a home or apartment special and unique. It’s truly what sets your place apart from another person’s abode, and makes you want to spend even more time at home. Interior design combines many different creative aspects in order to transform a space into a place that is comfortable, functional, and beautiful. It is all three of these things that are important when decorating a space because that is how a room achieves a sense of harmony and will work for you in the real world. Continue reading “Different Types of Interior Design”

You Can Update Your Home Decor On A Budget

Summer Upgrades - Aasif Interior Designer in Meerut

It can be rather a challenging task to update your home Decor when you are living on a tight budget, but with a little bit of a creative spirit, you can turn your home into a lovely exciting place. Obviously if you are on a budget you will want to be getting the very most value that you can for your money so you will need to really shop around and use your head in order to get the cheapest and greatest deals you can find. By doing this, you might increase your likelihood of finding some very well priced home Decor items. Continue reading “You Can Update Your Home Decor On A Budget”

5 Easy DIY Fixes to Maintain Your Stylish Home

Maintain Your Stylish Home

While the majority of home owners spend countless hours planning and executing their interior decor plans, many are unaware of how to fix common household issues. Creating feature walls, hanging mirrors and selecting soft furnishings will make your home feel warm and personal, but you’ll also need some valuable DIY skills to maintain your property. Continue reading “5 Easy DIY Fixes to Maintain Your Stylish Home”

System Office Furniture – An Office of Convenience

System Office Furniture - office interior designer in meerut

The present day system office furniture spells a meticulous, spick and span, clean and an atmosphere of affability. The term, ‘system office furniture’ essentially applies to a system-oriented office that is totally computerized and comprises furniture that is modular in design and is within the budgetary constraints of the office user adding an aura of stylishness and beauty. Today’s office consists of a plethora of Computer Servers, Desktop Workstations, Continue reading “System Office Furniture – An Office of Convenience”

Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home Without The Hassle Of A Complete Renovation

Latest Alimrah Interior Designs with Bedroom - Aasif Interior Designer in Meerut

If you feel tired of looking at the same old spaces, but a major renovation is beyond your budget and your stress-tolerance level, there are options. Giving your home a new look doesn’t have to a be a long and expensive project. Besides the old stand-bys of paint and wallpaper, here are some ideas to revitalize your living space. Continue reading “Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home Without The Hassle Of A Complete Renovation”

Gain More Ideas about Your Swimming Pool Designs

swimming pool design

A swimming pool is a special zone of your house which can be treated as the final backyard amenity. This place lies at the pivotal position of your family life and becomes an extra delight for the children and also provide calm zone for the elders. However, it is again the center of refreshment from the scorching heat of summer. Many homeowners have dream about their swimming pool design in different and unique ways. While designing a swimming pool, one thing that should kept in mind is to present it as a highly aesthetic element the eye catching spot of the entire landscape. Continue reading “Gain More Ideas about Your Swimming Pool Designs”