Top Tips For Adding Colour To Your Home

Top Tips For Adding Colour To Your Home

Furniture items and many other details for homes come already coloured. The bad side of it is the fact that you cannot colour them yourself. The good side of it, on the other hand, is the idea of combining them together to give your home the most adequate colour tone. That is why matching colour when decorating a home is quite amusing and creative work.

People usually start from the living room, because it is the core of a home and the colours for it need to be carefully chosen. Since members of a family spend a lot of time in the living room and your guests probably come there, as well, the colours for the living room should be more neutral. They should be neither too light nor too dark.

Top tips for adding colour to your home, Aasif Interior Designer Meerut

The problem with light items and furniture covers is that they easily get dirty. It is not only that they get dirty on their texture, but every single spot is visible on light colours and that is why they can make your life more complicated that it is really necessary. On the other hand, if colors in the living room are too dark and there is not enough natural light, as well, they will make your living room look like a morgue.

Top tips for adding colour to your home, Aasif Interior Designer Meerut

Apart from that, to make it look more lively, you will spend a lot of electricity and that will not help your monthly budget to stay within reasonable limits. All these reasons are good enough to persuade you to choose more neutral tones for the living room. For example, you can go with ultramarine colour in terms of the carpet. It goes with anything (especially with light orange curtains). The curtain-rug contrast is probably the most easily reached one in the living room and it can really add to the overall light atmosphere of the living room.

Bedrooms, on the other side, should be embellished with light, even passionate colours. The bedroom is the place of privacy and intimacy. Because of that, you can put any colours you want in it and enjoy your time there. If you live with a partner, you should choose furniture together and make agreements over the stuff you buy for that room. Colourful rugs are something that can fit the bedroom perfectly. Just pay attention and make them match other items.

The bedroom walls can also be nicely decorated only by two of you. There are different patterns for painting walls and you can opt for some of them to add a pinch of personal to your bedroom walls. The patterns for walls come in different shapes, as well. That way you can draw various shapes and figures on your bedroom walls and paint the rest of them whatever colour you want. Colouring your bedroom walls and making different shapes on them can help you two unify even more and work on something important for both of you.

The colour is the most important factor for the ambiance of a place. People often say that some homes give warmth and some others are neutral or cold. This is so mainly because of the colours (and the people who live there). Give you home a touch of personal and colour it your way.

Author Bio: Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. She is specially interested in designed rugs and their role in interior design. Love to share her tips on about home decoration.

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