TV in The Bathroom, Good or Bad Idea?

TV in The Bathroom, Good or Bad Idea?

A television set used to be considered a luxury item, something most households would eventually have and thoroughly enjoy watching. Though there are some households today that still don’t feel the need to invest in a television set, the majority of homes not only have one television set, but have a number of them.

The TV set was initially designed to sit in the living room of a home as a way of bringing the family together and providing joint entertainment, now, however, people have televisions in their living room, kitchen, bedrooms and some people even have a television installed in their bathroom, often providing a television set per person, and often with a TV to spare.

TV in the bathroom, good or bad idea?

If you are considering installing a television set into your bathroom, you might be considering the pro’s and con’s of such a task, will it work? Will it be used? Will it look OK? These are all excellent questions to be considering before actually deciding to install a television set into your bathroom.

The Pro’s:

  • Some bathroom tasks take a longer time than others, for example, a nice soak in the bath is likely to take much longer than popping in the bathroom to brush your teeth or wash your hands. It is when you are undertaking these longer tasks that the television set is likely to be used and could potentially become relied upon.
  • Sometimes when you are in the bathroom you want total and complete privacy, the noise of the television set blocks out the noise of the rest of the house, accompany this with a lock on the bathroom door and you will have a complete and solitary retreat.

The Con’s:

  • The bathroom, especially those with a bath and shower in, are very humid. Because of this you will need to install a waterproof television set, or at the very least have your TV encased in something waterproof. If you do not do this then each time you run hot water and the air starts to become steamy, condensation is going to form inside the TV which could end up breaking it.
  • Though a television in the bathroom is an exciting luxury item we usually only get in five star hotels, the reality of having one in your own bathroom is much different. The excitement of it wears off pretty quickly, and typically speaking, only men will end up using this television set, most women consider a soak in the bath as a way of getting away from the noise of things like the TV set and the family.
  • Having an extra TV set, that is likely to be left on even after the person has left the room and is no longer watching it, is going to impact upon your electricity bill. Obviously how much depends on how much this television set is going to be used.
  • Having only one television set in the house will mean the family is forced to sit together, watch a mixture of the family’s favorite program-mes and spend time together. If everyone has the choice to watch their own television what is likely to happen is that people will watch their program-mes on their own TV, rather than compromising and sharing the main TV, thus losing out on the amount of shared family time we get.
  • The more readily available you make television sets, the more dependent you are making yourself and your family on having some form of entertainment available. This is likely to impact on the family’s ability to concentration themselves which may be an issue at times where there isn’t a TV available to watch.
  • As you can see, the cons far outweigh the pros, a TV in the bathroom might seem like a good idea, but it is really going to be worth the work involved?

Author: Muhammed Yameen interior designer & enthusiast and Designer at Aasif Interior Designer & Decorator

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