How to Use Antique Furniture in Interior Design

How to Use Antique Furniture in Interior Design

Decorating with antique furniture is an excellent way to bring a timeless and elegant feel into any room of a house. If done correctly, the synergy between the old and the new can give a lasting and profound impression upon anyone who happens upon this eclectic mix. However, simply “throwing together” a handful of old couches or cupboards found at a local antique shop hardly qualifies as proper design strategy. Instead, there are a few important things that need to be considered when decorating with antique furniture.


First of all, the overall objective of the project needs to be made clear. Do you simply want to accent a colour in the room with one piece of furniture, or is your intention to completely transform the atmosphere into a Victorian appearance? Remember, there is a big difference between an antique or two being the focal point of a room and antiques representing the personality of the room itself. These goals can be written down or even sketched on a piece of paper to begin to develop an understanding of what exact look is desired.

Consider How the Antiques are Grouped Together

This may seem a rather obscure point but it is highly relevant. Strangely enough, it is psychologically proven that odd numbers of items are more appealing than even numbers (think of 3.99 as opposed to a boring 4). Besides the number of items, make certain not to group pieces of furniture into any one area of a room. This looks a bit too much as if one is bragging about their possessions and can actually take away from the personality of the room. Instead, evenly space antique furniture throughout the room or rooms.

Continuity is Key

Simply put, stick with the theme of the room. If one is looking for an Art Deco theme, avoid placing Baroque-style art nearby. Also, if the walls of a room are a rich burgundy colour, try to find pieces that highlight this colour without overwhelming it. This can help a room really “come together” and give it a distinctive feel without appearing as if it was “forced”.

These are only a few of the most important tips when considering to incorporate antiques into the decor of a room. With a bit of planning and insight, antique furniture can be a wonderful and unforgettable addition to anyone’s home.

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