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Use these Eight Wood Ideas to Improve the Look of Your Home

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There are countless ways to update your home and improve the look. Some involve costly renovations and the assistance of contractors, but others need nothing more than your own sweat equity and some wood. If you’re interested in making your home more attractive with the careful addition of wood, here are a few options for you.

1. Protect Walls with Beadboard

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If you have young kids, then you may have walls that have seen better days. Sheetrock just cannot withstand the activity of a busy family, but beadboard is a better choice. It gives the room a sophisticated look while making the walls more durable. You can ask your home improvement store to cut the 8-foot sheets in half. Use construction adhesive to secure them to the wall, and top them with chair rail for a finished look.

2.Wood Shutters for Window Treatments

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Go with wood plantation shutters for beautiful window treatments. They’re the perfect choice for smaller areas where you don’t want to lose any space to bulky drapes. Fitted neatly over the windows, they give you the privacy and light control you need while maintaining a clean look.

3. Dress up the Entrance

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Put an attractive wood bench near the front entrance to your home. Paint it to match the trim on your home for a beautifully coordinated look. If possible, put a small table next to it for seasonal decorations and a more welcoming look.

4. Change the Molding

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What do people love about older homes? It’s the molding that really catches their eye. If you want your house to feel more impressive, then take out the basic three-inch baseboard and go with something more impressive. You don’t even have to route the edges yourself. Install 1×6-inch lumber and top it with decorative trim for an impressive look.

5.Invest in a Built-in

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You may have to call a contractor for help with this one, but built-ins are a great addition to any home. Adding shelving for books and an area for your television can make your home more appealing. Add a bench under a window for an instant window seat, or see about narrow shelves at the end of a bland hallway.

6. Wall Decor with Picture Frames

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Head to the flea market and pick up a few old pictures with cool frames. The images don’t matter because it’s the frames that you’re shopping for. Remove the frames and give them a fresh coat of paint. Turn them into shadow boxes by attaching them to narrow strips of wood. You may want to add small blocks inside the corners for extra stability. Use them for books and other little collections.

7. Save Your Furniture

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The beauty of wood furniture is that it can always be refinished and brought back to life. Change the look of a dresser by giving it new legs, and update old shelves by refinishing them. Use a small dresser from the nursery for extra storage in the kitchen or foyer. Turn an old bedframe into a fun little bench.

8. Dress up the Mailbox

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Build a raised flowerbed around your mailbox. Use wood and paint it to match the post on your mailbox. With the bed filled with flowers, your entire front yard will look more attractive.

When you’re ready to improve the look of your home, think of clever ways to add visual appeal. Wood is an excellent medium because it’s durable, versatile and paintable. You can give your home a fresh look now and then change it again in the future if you decide to.

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