How to use photography in interior decoration

How to use photography in interior decoration

Photography has been one of the fastest growing industry branches in the last couple of years. The progress and improvement in technology has lead to easier production of cameras. The labour price has decreased and the efficiency increased a lot. That is why very powerful cameras have become available to many people and households. Possessing a camera means only one thing – taking photos 24/7, especially if you are on holidays. Today every household has hundreds, even thousands of photos from various events and travels.

How To Use Photography In Interior Decoration

However affordable cameras are today, many people have them only in electronic form. Namely, they mostly do not print their photos nor make albums or any such memorabilia. It is a shame, because photos can be used in so many ways today. Apart from having them printed and put in a nicely designed album, photos can be printed in many parts of a home to make it look fresher and decorated with taste. Photography has really become one of the closest relatives of interior design.

For starters, you can use your photos from holidays to decorate the items you use every day, such as mugs, cups or plates. When you have guests for dinner, it would be positively surprising for them to eat or drink from crockery that has memories from your travels printed on them. The best movement would be printing a photo of a place you have visited on the plate on which you will be serving pizza. That way your guests will have the amusing feeling that they are at a pizza restaurant and they need to reveal the picture on the plate under the pizza.

Apart from the dishes you use, you can also print your beloved photos on calendars or you can even have them printed in form of wallpaper. Every wall needs a new coat of paint in a while. So, why not making wallpapers out of your holidays and putting them on the wall instead of spending money and time on wall painting. If you are a couple and have just moved in together, printing your common memories on the wall and having them in front of your eyes every day can only help you become even closer.

How to use photography in interior decoration

 Also, calendars can be well-decorated with the family photos from the zoo or photos of you and your friends on a crazy bar tour in Thailand (if you are single, of course).If you are to do anything like that, you should be careful about the resolution that you are taking your photo at. If the photo does not have the right resolution and enough pixels, the final product will be blurry and it will not look good.

If you are about to organize a party or any similar event, the latest trend is renting diy photo booths. Renters have their hourly rates but it can be a real fun for all the guests. You just go inside a photo booth and it is taking photos of you for a couple of seconds. Fifteen or twenty seconds after that, you have the photos of you in your very hands. Many people can be fitted into a booth. That way do not have to pay for the photographer and you can still have lots of fun being photographed and share memories with your friends.

Photographs can be used in different manners and there is one that must not be forgotten – putting them in photo frames and onto your desks or cupboards. That is the most traditional one but it is a routine way of decorating your interior with photos.

Author Bio: Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. She is exploring possibilites of hiring photo booth in order to make some great diy project for interiors. Love to share her tips on about home decoration.

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