What’s happening in this year’s home decor trends? Check it out

What’s happening in this year’s home decor trends? Check it out

Modern homes are always evolving. Keeping up with the trends is overwhelming to average homeowners, not to mention, expensive. Nonetheless, some trends are timeless and easy to integrate into your home. Believe it or not, there’s no need to invest thousands in revamping the decor. There are lots of easy tips you can use to give your place a fresh new appeal.

Dual-tone kitchen cabinets

We all want our kitchens to look welcoming, inviting, and fresh. To give your cooking space an interesting vibe, choose dual-tone cabinets. For the upper cabinets, go white or neutral. Beige might seem like a good choice too. This way your kitchen will have a timeless, clean allure. As for the lower cabinets, feel free to play with color. Go crazy and opt for deeper shades of burgundy, yellow, even black. Dual-tone cabinets create a focal point. Usually, this new focal point is the kitchen island with low cabinets in a completely different color than the rest of the cooking space.

Outdoor fabrics brought indoors

It is becoming increasingly difficult to make the difference between outdoor and indoor fabrics. The coolest trend of this year is all about using fabrics for the patio inside the home, thus making interiors become more long-lasting. Despite being sturdier than fluffy linens commonly placed on the sofa, or on the floor, outdoor fabrics are perfect for homeowners that want to give their homes a more urban-like appeal. Wovens, synthetic fibers, and prints are in the lead this season. They work pretty well on the dining table, as window sheers, or on the floor as decorative rugs.

Formal dining rooms

Not everyone is willing to convert their dining room into a media room or office. However, for those that like to entertain family and friends often, making the dining room look formal is a new trend they might want to adopt. Basically, your eating space becomes a social space. It is important to create a fluid dining area that evokes a format but approachable and fun allure. Make sure the dining table matches beautifully with the rest of the decor. Use a neutral color palette when choosing linens for the table and chairs, and use the same nuances for the rug and curtain to add more fluidity into the room.

What's happening in this year's home decor trends
What’s happening in this year’s home decor trends

Workhorse kitchen islands

Believe it or not, kitchen islands can be both stylish and practical. They’re excellent for deep storage; they provide room for seating, and some even feature an additional cooking space with an extra sink. However, there’s more to a kitchen island than meets the eye. Modern islands are statement furniture pieces in a kitchen. How do you make yours stand out? All-white kitchens deserve a pop of color. To make sure your space remains clean and unclutters, it might be a good idea to choose a wooden kitchen island with white top. Make sure there are plenty of drawers underneath to keep things organized following an intense cooking process.

Barely there kitchens

As the layout of a kitchen becomes more open-space, expert decorators claim that another cool trend is the “barely there” kitchen. This means full-size appliances are not visible and cabinets are an integral part of the whole space. They feature similar tones with the walls and floor for a fluid, more compact effect. The moment you walk in, you won’t even realize you’re in the kitchen; but somewhere airy with a cheerful vibe. It’s the age of openness, and many homeowners ditch the conventional kitchen space for a more unified area that makes guests feel welcomed regardless of the room they’re in.

What's happening in this year's home decor trends
What’s happening in this year’s home decor trends

Lots of trend in home decor are meant to break all the rules. And we love them! Some tendencies are all about giving your home a fresh, original vibe. Clean homes with cozy living rooms, lots of throw pillows and a natural latex mattress hidden in the sofa exude ingenuity. The fireplace stays, but the area above the fireplace gets a complete makeover. No more Victorian-inspired decor as everything becomes more modern, minimalist, and super-clean. Less is more this season, although an added pop of color here and there won’t do any harm.

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