4 Creative Kitchen Renovation Ideas

4 Creative Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If you love cooking, then kitchen must be your heaven. You will maintain its neatness as if it is your holy sanctum. But after few years, you will feel it to be a little drab and consider renovation. When the budget is tight and you wish to uplift the look of your kitchen, then you will need creative kitchen renovation ideas. Make sure you are ready with a plan and follow it closely to keep your expenses in check. Here are some hacks that will save you some time and money on your renovation project.

Reserve 20%

Set a budget and stay dedicated to it when you plan your kitchen renovation ideas. Work your options around your budget. This means you will have to do enormous legwork to hunt some sturdy yet inexpensive alternatives. But if you are not the frugal types, then you should set aside 20% of your budget. Save it in a bank or in a locker which you would not access easily. Best you can ask someone trustworthy to reserve it for you. With 20% as your reserve, you will not run out of money especially at times when there are sudden last minute unexpected costs.kitchen renovation, kitchen remodeling

Reuse or Recycle

Before you jump into the actual refurbishing, you will have to think through the kitchen renovation ideas. Make an inventory of all the pots and pans, woks and kitchen ware that you can keep. Chuck the ones that are damaged completely. See if you can reuse the old ones in an unconventional way. Get some inspiration on D.I.Y. craft sites like Pinterest. Recycle your old utensils and use them as kitchen decor. You can even think of using your old pots and pans to store your grocery, spices or other kitchen supplies. It is all up to you on how you want to get rid of the old ones or recycle them creatively.kitchen renovation melbourne, kitchen remodeling melbourne, kitchen renovation, kitchen remodeling

Walls and Floors

When you think of typical renovation, the walls and floors hit the mind first. However, they are the ones that make the entire renovation project expensive. While floors are something you should not take any risk as your entire palace rests on it, you can tweak the walls. Look up for kitchen renovation ideas in magazines or home furnishing sites. Try your hand at painting. Buy some cheap wall color and paint them new. You can even buy wall papers for your kitchen if you are comfortable with them. There are ample wall stickers available online. Use them to change the look of your kitchen.

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3D Modern kitchen interior,

Cabinets and Shelves

Cabinets or shelves definitely help you to create some space and movement in the kitchen. They facilitate to have an organized and a better kitchen. You feel in power when you have all your grocery and spices stacked up in the shelves. However, they can take a toll on your budget. See if you are willing to spend on them or work on your kitchen renovation ideas. If you have good and sturdy old cabinets, you can repaint them or fix a new ply. Simply change their settings so that the kitchen gets a refreshing look.kitchen renovation melbourne, kitchen remodeling melbourne, kitchen renovation, kitchen remodeling

Kitchen is your domain and you are the princess of your little haven. Get as much creative as you can to reflect your love for cooking and dining with these kitchen renovation ideas.

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The key is to maintain the right balance in the money you spend to get a new look for your kitchen. Instead of targeting major renovation, you can simply fix the pressing issues like plumbing, lighting or counter tops first. With simple changes in the arrangements, you can get a new look for your kitchen every month.

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