4 Things To Keep In Mind When Upgrading Your Kitchen

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Upgrading Your Kitchen

When you sit down to plan upgrading your kitchen , tread cautiously before committing to any design or materials. The decisions that you make today will have a wide ranging impact. Not only will you use the kitchen for up to a couple decades or longer, it will also be a selling point for the home.4 Things To Keep In Mind When Upgrading Your Kitchen


The first step is to establish the scope of the kitchen upgrade. Do you just want to replace the cabinets or counter-tops? Or do you want to establish an entirely new kitchen? Think about how an upgraded kitchen can benefit your life as well as your family members. The amount of time that you spend in the kitchen and whether you want an open space for entertaining will go a long ways in determining the scope of the renovation.


Give plenty of consideration to the kitchen’s design style. How it looks will mean just as much to many homeowners as how it functions. Think about whether you want a modern style or a conventional style. Narrowing down a design style in the beginning will make the process of choosing colors, appliances and finishes easier. To facilitate the design process, consider using a design tool like KraftMaid’s Inspiration Board. It works on iPhones/iPods/iPads and helps homeowners come up with kitchen designs.


Cabinets are a crucial part to every kitchen. They need to be spacious, have the proper height and a bit of style. There’s a wide variety of cabinet colors, materials, interior finishes and doors to choose from. Homeowners in the greater Nova Scotia area can benefit from a consultation with the cabinet experts at Mike’s Country Kitchens & Woodworking (MCK). MCK is one of the biggest manufacturers of kitchen cabinets in Nova Scotia than anyone else.


A kitchen’s lighting is critical to its appeal and functionality. You’ll be spending a lot of time here, reading recipes, dicing, slicing and mixing. You want the best possible lighting and there’s a vast array of choices. There’s mood enhancing lighting available to present a certain ambiance for dinner guess. There’s accent lighting, cabinet lighting, pot lights and much more. Also, think about whether you’ll need extra outlets or new light switch locations if you drastically change your kitchen’s layout.

Put in a good amount of time researching styles and materials for your kitchen. Make sure that they are universally appealing so that everyone in your family can enjoy the new kitchen and also so that potential home buyers find it attractive. Remember, most elaborate dishes take an hour or so to prepare, so do everything you can to make your kitchen as aesthetically appealing and ergonomically comfortable as possible.

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