5 Cost Effective Upgrades That Will Add Personality to Your Home

5 Cost Effective Upgrades That Will Add Personality to Your Home

We would all like a palatial home as much as possible. This gives it personality, shows off our luxurious side, makes it more accommodating and increases its value. There are several things you can do to your home to bring about all of the qualities listed above, and it doesn’t cost much to do them. Here are a few ideas.

Walk the red carpet

Well, not exactly, but your flooring should be appealing whether it’s because you keep your carpeting in tiptop condition or your wood flooring shined. Giving wood floors a good polishing once a year is sufficient if you are sure to care for them appropriately the rest of the year. High traffic parts of floors however need to be polished as often as every 4 months to keep them from looking dull and scratched.
5 Cost Effective Upgrades That Will Add Personality to Your Home

Let there be light

A home with great lighting is a happier place to be. Make sure that in the day time plenty of natural light comes in to keep up your spirits. After dark, you should have good lighting too coming from a magnificent source such as a chandelier in your bathroom.

Turn your sink into a fountain

The kitchen sink often serves many purposes. A big and deep sink is the best kind. It should have great drainage, but it shouldn’t clog easily. Also, throwing in a garbage disposal wouldn’t hurt. The faucet should be high so that you can fit a huge pot or a huge watermelon underneath it. It should be pretty and shiny too. Why not? A sprayer so you can keep every corner of it clean is also not a bad idea.

Create a grand entrance

First impressions are everything, so give a lasting one by making the front door of your home so captivating that it won’t be soon forgotten. You could make the door taller and wider with the help from specialists from Moncada Windows and Doors if you are looking for something extra special. You could frame you doorway with an intricate display of wood or stone-work. Fancy lamps flanking the entrance are a good idea too as they can add a great inviting feeling.

Keep your place cool and fresh

Add a venting fan in your bathroom. This will serve many purposes. It will get rid of odors quickly, keep your mirror from fogging up, a real pain at crucial moments, and keep your bathroom mold free. An extra air conditioning unit could help keep your entire place cooler during the hot summer months.

The exact details of these upgrades such as designs and colors are up to you.

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