5 Most Useful Types Of Tape In Existence

5 Most Useful Types Of Tape In Existence

Sticky tape in all its forms is a versatile tool in day-to-day life and is suitable for a range of uses. Whether you’re in the office, at home or on a building site, chances are you’ll have a roll of tape in pretty close proximity, but which are the best and most useful types of tape in existence?

Masking tape

Masking tape has a wide range of uses but is perhaps most associated with painters and decorators or DIY enthusiasts! Great for its unobtrusive adhesive qualities, masking tape sticks to most surfaces but doesn’t cause damage whilst being removed, so won’t rip wallpaper or pull at plastering. Masking tape is also incredibly easy to tear, making scissors an unnecessary tool when your hands are already full.

Parcel tape

Parcel tape, or brown tape as it’s commonly called, is used the world over for packaging anything from a parcel traveling 3,000 miles to securing a letter to your bank just down the road. Being strong and waterproof, brown tape is the perfect choice to secure any package or parcel that may be traveling a long distance or that you want to ensure isn’t too easily accessible en route. This tape acts as your package’s own personal bodyguard!

Magic tape

Magic tape is a really useful tape to have at home or in the office. Known particularly for its longevity and water resistance, it is often relied upon for use in important filing systems and the labelling of files and documents. Invisible on paper, magic tape is a good choice for wrapping presents due to its subtlety. This tape is also highly resistant to ageing such as drying out or yellowing, unlike other types of tape.

Helicopter tape

Helicopter tape, or heli tape for short, is used to protect outdoor equipment that could be susceptible to rust, water, grease, mud or insect damage; such as cars, bikes, scooters and other items made from metal. Made with a rubbery outer surface, helicopter tape is durable, watertight and weather proof and is so tough, it’s even used on helicopters – hence its name.

Self amalgamating tape

Self amalgamating tape is particularly clever in that it forms a waterproof seal from its own layers once set in place, making whatever it’s protecting completely moisture-resistant. Originally a derivative of insulating tape, it can be used for waterproofing wires and connections and is used regularly by professional mechanics, electricians and plumbers.
Of course there are many other types of tape available on the market but we simply don’t have time to cover them all here. amongst our favorites are Gaffa Tape and of course the legendary Scotch Tape which is perhaps the worlds most widely used and can probably be found somewhere in your house – and if it’s not we bet you’ll find some in your parents DIY drawer tucked away for wrapping presents or ready to save the day in the home office. Whichever you take make sure you buy from a reliable source such as 3M.

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