7 Fantastic Colour Themes For Master Bedroom

7 Fantastic Colour Themes For Master Bedroom

The master bedroom serves as the highlight of your home. Not only is it your personal space but anyone visiting will be more than interested to see how you decorated it. The furniture matters, the curtains do; the carpet needs to be beautiful but what colour are you going for?

With so many colours to choose from, how can one ever decide? The answer lies in your own heart. What you like in life? What’s your favourite colour? A lovely colour scheme your spouse and you saw in the market? Here are some colour themes for the master bedroom:

  1. Lavender and Blue: If you want your room to look girly, but not too overboard? You can go with lavender. It gives your room a very light and airy aura. Coupled with blue and lime greens you can create a room that looks heavenly. Add in touches of scented candles and a plain white wardrobe. You are complete with the look. Lavender and Blue
  2. Green: This is one colour that you can experiment with. There are so many shades of green, all of which will connect to nature. Green not only gives your room a character but that touch of grace no other colour can match. Ornamental patterns on the sheets, flowers in little vases and a touch of pink will do wonders.Fantastic Colour Themes For Master Bedroom
  3. Lemon yellow: Well, here’s a happy colour. Yellow will bring instant freshness into a room due to its vibrancy. Crème sofas or bedroom sheets will go amazing with this colour. You don’t even have to go out for a lot of shopping.Fantastic Colour Themes For Master Bedroom
  4. Pink: Pink screams ‘girls’ like no other colour. There are so many colours that will go well with pink. Perhaps shocking pink and black?  That’s so hot! Or baby pink and grey? That will look serene. It will give off a very feminine appearance to your master bedroom. Just make sure the males are good with it.Fantastic Colour Themes For Master Bedroom
  5. Black: Who says you can’t have dark rooms? Can any other colour speak about elegance, sophistication and lavishness besides black? I think no. Prep it up with some gold like on the mirror or in wallpaper. You will create a master bedroom that will be to die for. After all, it has to impress the guests! Even if gold isn’t your colour, you can choose reds, blues and greys.Fantastic Colour Themes For Master Bedroom
  6. Red and blue: Have a love for ships? You can bring the ocean to your master bedroom with blue and spice it up with a touch of red. Can you imagine how many cool bed sheets and cushions you can get? Even an anchor replica!Fantastic Colour Themes For Master Bedroom
  7. Chocolate brown: Do you love shades of brown? Well, they will look perfect in your room. Brown is a very subtle colour that gives a room class. It will look very inviting, comfortable and cosy. Not only that, but browns will give a cottage style look to your bedroom if you are interested in that. Shades of brown will look great, if you have opulent leather bed and leather furniture in your master room. Fantastic Colour Themes For Master Bedroom

Choosing colour themes for the master bedroom may not be as easy as it looks. Make sure you know what your heart wants before you choose. It’s not all about style, it’s about comfort. Because your master bedroom is not only a room you sleep in, it’s a room you basically live in.

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