8 Best Decor Ideas When Moving To A Small House

8 Best Decor Ideas When Moving To A Small House

Moving to a small house can be a struggle. Aside from looking for moving companies NYC, you also have to work on making your house feel like home. All of your efforts to hire and pay movers NYC will be useless if you or your family won’t be able to relax in your home. Although decorating a small house can be challenging because of the limited space, it can always be done. Here are some decors ideas you can use when you’re moving to a small house:

  1. Let the natural light in.Most homeowners would block their windows with curtains and different furniture. If you want to maximize your small house and make it aesthetically pleasing at the same time, don’t commit the same mistake. Instead, let the natural light in as this can make your space more open and airy. Allowing the natural light to enter your house can also trick the mind that you have a bigger space. If your house doesn’t have large windows, use lighter shades of a curtain in order to get the best out of your light.
  1. Don’t be afraid to play with scale.

People with small homes will usually use small pieces as their decors. This is probably one of the oldest tricks in the book. There’s nothing really wrong if you want to follow this trend but using small decors in a small space can make the area feel cluttered. Steer away from this direction by using larger pieces in your home instead. For example, using a chandelier in your living area can create contrast and elegance without going overboard.

  1. Take advantage of high ceilings.

Your next home might have limited surface space and square footage but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything with it. Making use of high ceilings is a great idea for you to create a bigger space. To do this, you just have to accentuate tall windows with high curtains. Just make sure that you’re using curtains which have a basic design and thick fabric. If you want to take it up a notch, invest in a show-stopping wallpaper or wall decals.

  1. Use a larger rug.

A rug is a staple in every home. Regardless of the theme you have, rugs are essential. Instead of merely choosing a rug just so you can have one in your home, look for a larger rug to use. Larger rugs don’t visually break up the floor, unlike when you use smaller rugs. Additionally, larger rugs can help anchor your available space and can become the best décor to any room in the house. When using rugs, work on putting the seating furniture at a corner so you can get enjoy more mileage out of the space in the room.

  1. Always keep it cozy.

As mentioned, your home should be comfortable – how else can you or your family members enjoy your home if none of you are interested to stay indoors for hours? As one way of having a cozy home, invest in different seating furniture, soft rugs, and pillows. A small space can create an inviting ambiance.

  1. Use white paint for your walls.

Although uncommon to some, white walls matched with white floors can be perfect for a small house. This combination can brighten up your space and can create the illusion of a bigger space. If you fear that white walls might seem too dull, don’t be afraid to add in different artworks on the wall. If you’re an artist, add some of your creations. If you love music, hang different types of vinyl records. You’ll have a lot of options when it comes to decorating since your room is white.

  1. Add different ottomans.

No matter how small your home is, you will always need different seating furniture. If you’re already tired of seeing sofas, use ottomans instead. These are great alternatives to sofas which can provide the same amount of comfort and design. You can also buy ottoman which offers storage. Ottomans are a great addition to small homes because aside from adding seats, it can also be used as a table.

  1. Be consistent with your color story.

As a homeowner, you can basically do anything with your home. No one can tell what you should and shouldn’t do with your remodeling project. But if you want your attempts to give you positive results, stay consistent with your color story. Decide what color will your house have and work in adding this color to every room in the house.

Make Smart Investments

Even if your house is small, you don’t have to worry because there are still a lot of home decorating ideas for you to try out. But if you’re having a hard time narrowing down your search, always remember to buy decors which fit your budget and can be a good investment. As a homeowner, you should always be thrifty so you and your family can enjoy your house in the longest time possible.

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