9 Home Decor Ideas to Spice Up Your Home’s Look in One Day

9 Home Decor Ideas to Spice Up Your Home’s Look in One Day

Perhaps you have been planning to spice up your home from long back, but haven’t been able to find a few days of spare time to do the job. Well, you are not the only one facing such a situation. Fortunately, there are various ways you can refresh the look of your home in a short time of just one day! Though these home decoration ideas would take a single day, the appeal they would add to your home would be significant. So, if you have the free time of just a single day, go for applying some or all of the home decor ideas appearing below:

  1. Showcase an eye-catching collection on your dining table

You can add interest to your entire dining room by placing an appealing collection on your dining table, such as a Chinese porcelain collection. The pieces of your collection don’t need to match, but they should play well together.

  1. Hang a curtain in the interior

Consider placing a linen curtain in your kitchen that you can pull to hide the mess of cooking and preparation. This would make your home appear tidier to guests.

  1. Decorate the bedding

You can choose a mix-and-match style for your bedding. For example, let your bed sheet and pillow cover match in some way, like in a color or design. But, they should not be totally same.

  1. Place an antique item in the bath

If you have an antique table or a shelf, go for putting it in the bathroom. This would give a unique appeal to your bathroom. Place some flowers too in the bathroom, to add to the appeal.

  1. Paint a furniture piece white

You can make your dining room airy and bright by painting the dining table and chairs with white paint. If the dining room walls are white, the room would have a special look and feel when the dining table and chairs are painted in white. Place a few small green plants over the dining table, and see how the room gets a bright and tranquil feel.

  1. Cover wall using plates

Plates of steel or other metals are often available at cheap prices. Get some such plates and put them on a wall in your dining room. When you cover the entire wall using such plates, the effect created is similar to that created by a large piece of art.

You can also stick die cut paper crafts on your walls, such as cards, scrapbooks and other sorts of crafts. If die cutting is one of your hobbies, and you have a die cutting equipment at home, you can create interesting decoration items in paper or fabric.

  1. Cover the vinyl window shades with wallpaper

If you have a wallpaper with attractive prints, you can make a good use of it by covering vinyl window shades using it. The shades get a fresh look instantly, which in turn enhances the look of the entire room.

  1. Lay Turkish runners on hallways

To add interest to a plain and boring hallway, opt for laying down vintage, Turkish carpets. A tattered and faded rug would instantly add a Bohemian feel to the hallway.

  1. Move the seating away from walls

Move the furniture and seating away from walls to design a more intimate seating area. If you have a table in the room, get some antique statues and figurines to place over it.

Implementing each of these ideas is just a matter of a day or even less than that. So, go ahead and spice up the look and feel of your home with one of more of these home decoration tips.

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