How To Choose The Right Wall Mounts For Your LCD TV

How To Choose The Right Wall Mounts For Your LCD TV

Have you just brought a shiny new LCD TV and want to mount it on the wall? This article will explain how to choose the right wall mount for your requirements and what you need to consider when buying one.

Assess your TV’s size and weight limits and flexibility requirements

When buying a wall mount for your new LCD TV, it is important to first review your owner’s manual as many manuals have specific measurement requirements. Your manual may recommend the type or types of wall mount that would be best suited for the LCD TV you brought, based on its sizing and weight.

Prior to buying a TV mount you should first decide where you would like to place your wall mount. Do you want it to be the centre piece of a room or to be off centre? Do you want it high or low? Do you want to be able tilt it if necessary? Where you place your wall mount may help you decide what type of wall mount you will ultimately choose.

Types of LCD TV wall mounts

There are many different TV wall mounts to choose from; there is the low profit mount that is ideal for small rooms, the tilting mount for above a fire place or in a boardroom or office, the full motion mount is perfect for open air kitchen and living spaces, the ceiling mount is usually chosen for restaurants and bars, and the platform mount is used for commercial locations.

The low profit mount is the least expensive mount; it is also the easiest mount to install as the installation process is as uncomplicated as hanging a painting on the wall. It consists of a metal frame that includes two upright posts where your LCD TV will be attached. The TV is hung about one inch away from the wall.

The next mount is the tilting mount which is ideal if you want to place your TV in a location where it can be tilted and viewed from different angles. This mount makes it easier when changing cables at the back of the TV. The wall mount also has a privet which makes it easier to view the TV screen from high or low viewing locations.

The full motion mount allows you to tilt the TV in any direction – up, down, left or right – as the wall mount incorporates an arm that connects to the TV. The arm also allows the TV to pull away from the wall or if you choose you can leave it closer to the wall when the TV is not in use.

The ceiling mount is ideal if you have limited space for you TV and want to place it near your ceiling. If you have limited space you should also consider the platform mount that enables your TV to be placed on a shelf or platform that is on top of a supportive arm attached to the ceiling or wall.

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