Choosing Towel Warmers For Your Bathroom

Choosing Towel Warmers For Your Bathroom

For those who want to take their bathing experience to a comfortable level, towel warmers are the pinnacle of bathroom luxury. Drying off with a warm towel is like jumping into freshly ironed clothes, and istrulya refreshing feeling. With the kind of severe winter experienced in the UK, a towel warmer is a mandatory appliance in your bathroom. Using damp towels will increase the probability of infection as they are prone to attracting harmful bacteria.

towel warmers, Choosing Towel Warmers For Your Bathroom

Types of towel warmers

There are basically two types of towel warmers; Electric towel warmers and Hydronic towel warmers. The plumbing layout of your bathroom area will determine the type of towel warmers that you need to install.It is advisable to consult a professional plumber and solicit his advice before buying the towel warmer. While design and size are also important, it is essential that you first determine the type of towel warmer suitable for your bathroom.

Electric towel warmers

Endowed with a low power consumption rate, electric towel warmers almost consume the same power as a standard light bulb. While some variants utilize a dry element for heating, others heat the mineral oil within the unit for keeping the towel warm. The plug-in electric towel warmer only plugs in like another electrical appliance, and can be used wherever needs, provided there is access to a plug point. However, the hard wired unit will have to be integrated into the central heating system of your building. If the towel warmer is of a bigger size, it can even serve the dual purpose of heating the room along with the towels and comes across as a secondary heat source when coupled with an auto timer.

Hydronic towel warmers

Unlike Electric towel warmers, Hydronic towel warmers heat towels by circulating hot plumbing water inside the tubes of the towel warmer. These towel warmers need insulation at the point where they meet the hot water line. If you consider energy bill savings, this type of towel warmer is most energy efficient. However, unless you are installing it along with a complete revamp of your bathroom or in a new construction, this type of towel warmer is comparatively difficult to install.

Installation and mounting

If your bathroom area has limited floor space, then it is recommended that you install a wall mounted towel warmer, thus making the ground area appear clutter-free. For those who keep on shifting their towel warmers, it is advisable to go in for a free-standing towel warmer that can be put wherever a plug point is available, as all free-standing towel warmers are electric, and their installation is an absolute breeze. If you bathroom wall is tiled from a certain height, then you may go in for a floor mounted towel warmer as you can adjust the height of the towel warmer according to the tiles, so that their beauty is not spoilt.

Style is the key

When it comes to style, there is really no limit to the different styles of towels warmers on offer. While the horizontal models have a charm of their own, the ceiling to floor models that will hold several towels simultaneously, also add a dash of majestic elegance to your bathroom.

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