How To Design An Adventurous Room For Kids?

How To Design An Adventurous Room For Kids?

Designing a bedroom isn’t a piece of cake. But when it comes to your kid’s bedroom, even the piece of cake gets tough to swallow. The best thing about children is that they are over imaginative, zealous and of course, excited about their room. For them, a room isn’t just a place where they sleep at night; it’s their own personal world where they can be superheroes or fairies.

You simply can’t make your kid’s room on the same idea as yours. It has to have that element of adventure in it that will keep your kid happy in his room even when it’s tough to go outsides to play. Simultaneously, it will invoke in him creativeness and innovative ness. Here are some ideas on how to design an adventurous room for kids:how to design an adventurous room for kids- bedroom designer in meerut

  1. The Ultimate Fairytale: If you have a little princess to take care of, you can turn her room into her own little palace. Design beds in royal themes, with lots of pink and fluffy cushions. Go from a huge mirror to shiny, dangling lights. Compliment it with little chairs, a table set with tea cups on it and of course a crown for the royal Highness. Isn’t she going to be delighted?
  2. Indoor playground: Perhaps you are one of those parents who can’t always keep a check on your kid outdoors, or maybe the kid just can’t get enough of playtime? Create his room with sofa beds that have slides for coming down and playground stairs. Set up a trampoline or rope swings. Fix up the shelves with Lego, toy cars, dolls! You name it. And to top it all off? Get an inflatable swimming pool and fill it up with soft balls! It’s going to be his heaven on earth.
  3. Personal Library: Perhaps your kid is just not into play that much and is more of a bookworm? Install a built in daybed and bookshelves loaded with his favourite books and of course, the ones you think he should be reading. It will be perfect to snuggle in bed with a good book to read! Maybe a homework desk and a lot of stationary to write out poems or thoughts. Your little genius will adore his little world.
  4. Navy boy: Who doesn’t love the navy? Paint the walls in blue and white, and do the beds in shades of red. Even better? Get a wooden bed designed in the shape of a boat. With a blue carpet, anchor wall-hangings and flags of the navy, this look shall be complete! Your young sailor will be off to his adventures in sea very soon!
  5. Walk in the zoo: Young kids love the zoo like anything else. And this is the easiest look to execute in a room. All you need is wallpaper that shows off the outdoors and a load of stuff toys for the “zoo”. Perhaps the lion can sleep in the corner, while the zebras stay beside the beds? Oh look at that monkey hanging from the wardrobe, and the hippo hiding under the bed. Kids will love this place more than the real zoo!

how to design an adventurous room for kids- bedroom designers in meerut

So, these were a few ideas to design an adventurous room for kids. You need to let their imagination flourish and their ideas grow. Now it’s not so hard to keep them indoors, is it?

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