Get Professional Help for Air Conditioning Installations

Get Professional Help for Air Conditioning Installations

We do not like to suffer during the sultry scorching afternoons, and so the air-conditioner has becomes the need of the hour. However, just buying an air-conditioner is not enough. You must also know about the professional air conditioner installation, including the ducts, the length of the internal and external pipes, the wall whole drillings and where to install the A.C machine so that you receive maximum cool air.

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  • You can either opt for window air conditioner that is a single unit installed in your window or you can install a split air conditioner that consists of two units – an outdoor unit installed outside your room which houses the condenser and compressor.
  • The other part is the indoor unit which is wall mounted inside your room. Air conditioning installation in both the above cases can be done by yourself if you are DIY type, but it is always advisable to go for professional help while installing air conditioners.

Why should you hire professional air conditioner installation experts?

  • A professional air conditioning installation team can advise you on the best position to install your indoor unit so that it can be easily connected to outside unit without increasing the length of the connecting tubing. There is a subtle difference between hiring a refrigerant specialist, a HVAC specialist and an air-conditioner installation expert. So when you choose an air conditioner installation expert, you must inquire about the on-shop and on-field training that he had, and what kind of air conditioner installation he is expert in. Most of the time, the manufacturer or retailer form you buy the air conditioning unit will arrange for air conditioning installation with sometimes a small cost.
  • If that is not the case or you need an older unit to be replaced you can contact the nearest air conditioning installation In case of relocation, there are branded air conditioner companies who send installation experts to your home, for a speedy installation. This can also happen in case you have been living in a rental home, and want to install your a.c. in your new apartment.
  • Connecting the tubes from indoor unit to condenser and compressor of outdoor unit and electrical connections require professional help.

What should you do for a multi-split air conditioner installation?

If it is a multi-split air conditioning system you are installing, it is advisable to contact professional installation teams. Here you will have to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit while maintaining individual control for each unit.

  • The distance at which various units have to be installed to provide maximum cooling while keeping the length of connecting tubing down is important.
  • Units can be wall or ceiling mounted. In ceiling mounted types, the indoor units are hung from the ceiling such that their body is hidden by false ceiling and only the front cover is visible from outside for temperature control or shutting the unit on and off.
  • Some units can also be mounted on the wall saving floor space or on the floor if the customer so desires. Floor mounted units provide greater comfort and customization.

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Easy installation for window air conditioner:

Window air conditioners are easier to install as you have to only install a single unit in your window and the window opening is usually provided. Though if you have to cut he wall for installing the unit, it can be a bit difficult. Simply remove the window grill, measure your air conditioner unit and make necessary opening in the window. Extra space may have to be blocked by plywood. The unit is usually tilted outside to allow for condensation to drain away.

With growing popularity of cooling systems, Air conditioning installation for window is now a necessity in most homes and usually done by professional teams.

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