Home Decor Going Back to Medieval Times

Home Decor Going Back to Medieval Times

Many people find the medieval period fascinating, intriguing and romantic and many of them love to turn their homes to bring out the medieval times by bringing in authentic antique styles of furniture and colour for a truly unique look. Clients today are very open to exciting novel ideas and medieval home Decor is rapidly gaining popularity amongst history lovers.

It makes no difference whether it your living room or even your bedrooms, Medieval art experienced different kinds of artistic styles in its day. There were blends of Roman and German art, there was the Gothic look and today, medieval art is very popular. You can go and check out exquisite tapestries ad prints in antique shops or special outlets. Wall tapestries look extremely elegant and beautiful and make for wonderful topics of conversation. A lot of the tapestries depict unique incidents and events that happened during this period.

Door knockers, lamps and candle holders

Another interesting feature that people love to choose is the door knockers that were used around that time period. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune if you want to turn your home Decor into a Medieval style, just simple items like a table lamp can add an old antique touch to your living room and all you have to do is to look out for certain lamps that will depict that time period. For instance, you could even take your desk and completely redecorate it with objects from Medieval times. Look out for antique candle holders and fascinating ornaments of dragons and knights. Maybe if you are really getting into the Medieval look, you might even find sword displays to decorate your walls. Some of these swords will be displayed with shields and will make extremely impressive sights that your visitors to your home will find extremely intriguing.

Statues of knights are also extremely unique and intriguing; they are bound to catch anybody who comes into your home’s attention and cause a great deal of conversation about them. You could look out for the small sized knight statuses to be seen on horseback to decorate your coffee table or book case or you can try and find the large size one for the living room as a center piece.

Furniture and ornaments

Apart from ornaments, you can go even further with the kind of furniture you purchase. Your furniture can have decorative motifs that were used in the medieval period. These motifs can range from things like fairies, dragons, knights or castles and all you will have difficulty doing is taking your pick from exciting matches to go with the rest of your interiors.

Once you have decided on that specific look, you will just need to make sure that all the furnishings as well as the accessories all gel with the theme that you have chosen. You also can remember that you don’t have to go out and get everything all at once, you can start gradually and adds bit and pieces as you go, and very soon you will love coming home at the end of the day to your knights in shining Armour.

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