How to Protect your Floor ?

How to Protect your Floor ?

Tips to Protect Your Floor

Whether its bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, the stains and marks on floor make the place very ugly and untidy and ruin the entire ambiance of the home. Once the floor is damaged with permanent stains and cracks, it becomes a challenging task to bring the floor back in its original condition.

You may need to hire professional floor cleaning service or to spend plenty of money on buying cleaning agents and equipments to clean the floor. So isn’t it better to prevent the stains by taking precautionary measures so that your home stays neat and clean and you stay safe from uninvited hassles. This is what the topic of my post today as it is dedicated to provide you some smart and practical tips to protect your floor from paint spills and stains.

Wooden flooring

If wooden flooring gets spills of paints, it becomes very difficult to clean the stains and in most of the cases we damage the wooden surface in attempt of rubbing the stain off and the wooden surface becomes patchy. Before you get started with painting the walls, do not forget to cover the flooring with plastic sheet, newspaper or any other protective lining. Single layer of newspaper or protective sheet will not work efficiently; make sure to cover the floor with double layers to safeguard wooden surface from the reach of paint spills.

Vinyl flooring

If your room surface is covered with vinyl flooring, you can simply pull it away while moving your leather bed and other furniture items out of the room before painting the walls. Vinyl flooring is easier to handle as you don’t need to spend time and energy on covering it with protective sheets, all you need to do is take it off and place it in the store room. Once you are done with painting the room and the paint is completely dried, spread it on the floor again.


Though carpet is removable like vinyl sheet but it is not easy to handle and give you hard time in removing and replacing process. If you don’t have enough people at home to help you remove the carpet, I would suggest covering it with plastic sheet or rough/used pieces of cloths. If you are covering the carpet with plastic sheet, brush the outer surface of sheet with oil.


Stone tiles are an expensive investment and should be handled with utmost care. Damp a piece of cloth with oil and rub it gently all over the tiles, then cover them with a single layer of newspaper or plastic sheet, now start painting the walls. The best thing about tiles is you can easily clean them if they receive any paint stain. Take a wet sponge, pour few drops of dish wash cleaner and simple wipe the stains off.

This was all about the great tips to protect your floor,

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