Incomparable Beauty of Handmade Furniture

Incomparable Beauty of Handmade Furniture

Today, it seems that everything is made in China and shipped halfway around the world to reach us. Whether we like to admit it or not, society values cheap manufacturing over anything else. We shop for bargain after bargain, barely thinking about the origin of the goods we buy. Where has quality gone? What’s happened to craftsmanship? In the furniture making business, mass-produced companies are outshining handmade boutiques because of their affordability. However, ask yourself this: Can affordable furniture be durable?

Incomparable Beauty of Handmade Furniture

Mass-produced vs. handmade furniture

Stores and homes today are full of reproduction furniture, made with MDF, plywood, and thin veneers. You can find any style under the sun, but it’s all just a reproduction. You don’t get something real or lasting. It’s a way to produce a lot of furniture quickly, all made with low-cost materials and third world labor.

At the other end of the spectrum we have handmade furniture, created by true craftsmen with years of experience. There’s something wonderful about furniture made with real wood – there’s a life and spirit to it that particle boards will never have. Real wood in the hands of a true craftsman produces something special.

Incomparable Beauty of Handmade Furniture

Handmade furniture is pure perfection that can’t be replicated

When a talented artist lovingly crafts a piece from hardwood, you’ll find graceful lines and curves, wonderful hand carvings, and a perfect polish.  There’s an attention to detail that makes the most of the unique qualities of each piece of wood.  People who appreciate beauty and quality recognize the feel of real wood, and the obvious love that went into creating a fine piece. This furniture is worthy of being passed on to the next generation. You will never find the same thing in mass-produced pieces from China.

The craftsmen who produce this fine furniture are people who have an artistic eye and a talent for working with each individual piece of wood, and they take years developing their skills. Sadly, with our modern trend to wanting ever more, ever cheaper, some of these people are finding it hard to make ends meet.

There’s a place for reproduction furniture. Not everyone can afford to furnish their home with handmade pieces. Unfortunately, even at the upper end of the price range, mass-produced reproduction furniture is not always the quality you’d expect for the price.  Look closely at a potential purchase. Are the joints dovetailed? What’s the quality of the finish?  Are the carvings artistic, and do they fit well with the overall piece? Too often, a close look finds the quality lacking.

Incomparable Beauty of Handmade Furniture

The environmental impact of mass-produced furniture

As we continue to spend all of our money on low-cost items made overseas, there are impacts we tend to forget. There’s a human impact in the abysmal working conditions in third world factories. There’s an environmental impact in having all of our goods shipped around the world. And there’s a societal impact at home, as our time-honored skills and crafts fade away. How many young people will continue the traditions of making fine handmade products, when those skills seem to be valued less and less?

In the realm of interior design, as in other fields, people now expect instant results.  This is partly fueled by reality TV shows, where you can make over your home in a couple of days.  People decide what they want, go to the closest big box store, and find what they want on the shelf. Nobody is used to spending the time that it takes to product hand-crafted furniture. In our society, quality and craftsmanship is losing priority to cost and convenience.

There’s still hope

In spite of everything, there’s still hope. Some people value quality handmade furniture, they want to protect the environment, be more eco-friendly and protect their family. Handcrafted furniture pieces are an investment. You purchase excellent quality items that make your home look exquisite, and you can always sell those pieces in a couple of years because they will remain in excellent condition.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s possible; people don’t want mass-produced furniture anymore. They buy it because they have no other choice. The beauty of handmade furniture is unparalleled not just because the items are unique but also because they’re well-crafted, and above all, everlasting.

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