How To Incorporate Natural Light and Accents In Your Home Decor

How To Incorporate Natural Light and Accents In Your Home Decor

Sunlight flowing into a room not only adds physical warmth to space, it makes the room look cheerful and inviting. When you begin incorporating decorative accents into your room design, finding ways to maximize the beneficial natural light can add visual warmth and liveliness to the room.

Window Treatments

If you have windows that do not require covering, don’t add any type of window treatment to them. Simply treat them as an architectural feature in the room. You might consider using minimalistic window treatments during the day and treatments that provide extensive privacy at night in areas such as a bedroom or living room. Less covering is best when it comes to capitalizing on the natural light that enters your home.

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Wall Decor

Strategically placing mirrors on the wall can maximize the beauty of natural light in a room. Hang a mirror or an artistically arranged collection of mirrors on a wall facing a window. Mirrored picture frames also reflect the sunlight flowing into a room. Clear glass wall sconces are often overlooked as an accessory that complements natural light.

Real Wood Furniture

Accent tables made of wood furniture are a popular part of a home design. They can be used in any room of your house. When you are striving to incorporate natural light into a room, you may think not think of using wood furniture. However, there are ways that wood can help you achieve your decorating goal. First of all, you might want to select light colored wood. An Orleans Wood furniture designer recommends looking for wood painted in a neutral shade or a glossy, bright color. This brightness or neutrality will work well in a room where you want to showcase the flow of natural light. A piece of glass placed on top of a dark colored wood table will give it a reflective quality.

Creative Accessorizing

Shiny objects and reflective items provide a surface for natural light or illumination from interior lighting to dance on. Giving attention to the smallest decor details can have an impact on the overall atmosphere of the room. Gold or silver picture frames, drawer and door hardware and lamp bases provide a reflective surface. A glass tile backsplash in the bathroom or kitchen or glass tile around a window can be a dazzling addition to your decor.

You can maximize the beauty of natural light throughout your home by selecting reflective decorative accessories. Natural light and wood are a perfect combination for creating a warm, welcoming home decor environment.

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