Interior Design Contemporary Kitchen in a Old English Style Home Design

Interior Design Contemporary Kitchen in a Old English Style Home Design

In The North London you will see an mature English home design that looks so old and best style, but if you go to inside you will notice how beautiful the home interior design is. This is brilliant as you will never guess that the old house style has a beautiful contemporary kitchen interior design subject with white color. The owner of the home wants to show a natural and ordinary home design with contemporary kitchen and home interior design. Let’s see from inside and see how distinguish the looks between exterior and interior design of this beautiful house.

Contemporary Kitchens Designs

Let’s see the contemporary kitchen design. The kitchen is also interior with white color including white kitchen set color. The kitchen design looks simple but elegant with big size wall clock near the wash-tub. Near the kitchen glass, you will see a flower vase in stoneware substance. There is no partition between dining room and the kitchen, so you can see the kitchen from the dining room. The dining room is not so big and has fair modern dining table with four chairs.

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