Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Your Modern Home

Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Your Modern Home

Kitchens are diverse and their size and shape greatly influence the design you choose. The amazing granite surfaces and cabinets you see in someone’s home can look entirely different when they are installed in your kitchen. When you are remodeling your kitchen, you need to integrate all the components to create a functional space that you will find easy to work in. Here are a few tips to help you remodel the kitchen to match your modern home.

Widen your Walkways

Make it easy to move around your kitchen. Widen the walkways in the room to a minimum of 36 inches. The cooking area should be at least 42 inches wide. This will give you plenty of room when you are working at the cooker. However, this space will only accommodate a single cook. If you want to accommodate more cooks in your kitchen, the path should be at least 48 inches wide. You may have to adjust your kitchen island to create the wider paths.

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Do you Need an Island?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself when you are remodeling your kitchen. An island can look great in a kitchen but you have to figure out how you intend to use it. This feature can come in handy for cooking and eating. If this is the case, you need to make sure there is adequate space for your cook top without limiting the dining space.

Organize your Range

It is ideal to include a shelf either behind or beside your kitchen range. This shelf will offer additional storage for your spices, utensils, and cooking oils in a convenient location. With you kitchen range in mind you may decide to put appliances above your stove-top like a microwave. These items will be conveniently located near your cooking area, which reduces movement and saves time.

Add a Swing-out Tap

If you entertain regularly or have a large family, a swing-out tap can be a great addition when you are remodeling your kitchen. This tap will make it easy to fill your large pots with water. The taps can be installed close to your cooktop. They allow you to fill the pots when they are on the cooker.

Improve your Recycling

When remodeling you kitchen you should consider some of the newer additions that may go by the wayside. For example many home in the US are able to recycle many of their goods and recycling is very important in a modern home. Think of ways to improve recycling procedure when remodeling. You can install a cabinet that has individual containers where you can place paper, metal, plastic, and glass.

Kid Friendly Surfaces

If you have children, remodeling gives you an opportunity to install drawers and shelves that they can access easily. You can also install a low worktop to allow them to help out in the kitchen or eat snacks with ease as you work. You may even consider a convenient location for the dishwasher so as to have your child help with the dishes after a big family meal. Consider looking for these items at Atlas Appliances for some awesome selections of dishwashers that may work for your family.

Make sure that any project you decide to pursue should have the whole family in mind as they will be living in this kitchen as well. Functionality is the most important aspect to keep in mind as you remodel your kitchen. Every item has to serve a specific purpose in the room or else you could end up with a lot of wasted space.

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