Matching Your Home Decor with Your Sense of Style

Matching Your Home Decor with Your Sense of Style

Sometimes when you walk into other people’s homes, you feel like you are entering into another world, maybe even another era or time zone. You look at that person to see if they are still stuck in that time zone. Thing is, as many of us try and keep up with the latest fashion trends regarding our clothing, our technological appliances, the news and many other things, so it is important too to keep up with the latest fashion trends when it comes to home Decor.

Keep on the cutting edge of style with the latest fashions

Your clothes and your Decor at home and many other things should really reflect the fact that you live in the 21st century. You can choose not to of course, but you may find you are left behind, that your friends and colleagues are moving ahead and leaving you behind. This does not mean to say that every season that rolls by that you have to go out and buy the latest and the greatest, but just adding a bit of colour, an accessory or two or a new coat of a modern paint colour can make all the difference in the world. And that also does not mean that you have to break the bank either to achieve looking like you come out of the 21st century, all your touches up here and there will just go a long way in complementing the overall look, style and elegance of the room.

A few inexpensive changes

You could start by taking down that olden day picture on the wall and replacing it with another beautiful artwork or you could stay with the olden day picture but have it redone in the latest styles and art look, adding dimension to your room and walls. By just changing the old paint on your walls and painting in the trendy colours of the day with a few extra accessories; you will not believe what a difference it can make.

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When it comes to fabrics in your home, you can consider the texture and the pattern of the room you are decorating. Sometimes if you have one common colour for your new home Decor look, it is usually possible to add in a couple of other colours as well to create a whole new look of patterns. Those fabrics that you end of choosing need to be durable and easily maintainable for their use in your home.

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For instance lace is a beautiful fragile kind of material and is marvelous for windows or the canopy type bed curtains, but then you won’t go and use lace on your upholstery. You will need to decide which will be the best home Decor fabrics when it comes to durability and this will help you when it comes to narrowing your choices regarding colours and patterns. If you really do want to change the look of your room and you long for it to be up to date like a picture from the 21st century, you could look for some of your textiles in the discount stores or at sales.

A colour common to all your home Decor and fabrics

A lot will depend on the style of your room. Printing Decor fabrics are known to make good window coverings but when it is curtains, remember to select fabrics with weight that will make them hang down well. This is because the lighter weight materials suit soft pleats for example while the stiffer fabrics are more suitable for Roman shades. Picking home Decor textiles can sometimes be tricky but one good method is to choose one each of a solid fabric, subtle printed fabrics, small to medium patterns and then medium to the large printed fabrics and each of those four fabrics should have one colour that is common to them all.

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