Offices Designed For Client Comfort

Offices Designed For Client Comfort

Not all businesses entertain clients on a regular basis. For those who do it is important to consider your client’s comfort when coming up with the most impressive

design. Clients need to be comfortable, as well as feel a sense of trust in your company when they are attending meetings on your turf. Here are some details you want to include in your office fit out to offer the most welcoming design while maintaining your image and brand integrity.

Offices Designed for Client Comfort -  Mohd Yameen Office interior designer in meerut


There is no doubt that technology plays a key role in the business world today. There are a number of ways you should include technology in your overall office plan and design:

  • Charging Stations: An excellent addition to an office that must maintain a state of the art image is a charging area for clients and guests. You can create a small, yet comfortable area where clients have chairs and charging stations set up so that they can recharge phones and laptops if the need arises. This is especially important if you are an ad agency or technology company that is providing long sessions in which batteries (and brains) will require recharging. Announcing this service is available at the onset of meetings will let clients know they can keep an eye on their batteries and make a bee line for the charging area on breaks. If budget allows you can also offer courtesy tablets in Windows and Mac platforms that they can use should they run out of juice. They can use a USB to load documents they need and carry on while their own equipment is charging.
  • Boardroom Technology: Your boardroom should be completely equipped with the latest technology for teleconferencing, as well as exceptional screens and projectors for presentations. This will allow you to present with confidence as well as save clients money by offering a teleconferencing option to cut down on travel expenses. It is a great way to meet with global clients on group projects where more than one vendor is involved and puts you in the driving seat to lead the team.
  • Don’t use Wi-Fi: Contrary to popular belief Wi-fi is an unproven technology when it comes to potential public health effects. In some countries it has already been banned in many public areas, and many respected scientists are already warning against the potential dangers associated, including the head of the French Cancer Preventative Trust. Ethernet are reliable and do not come with any potential health implications!

Creature Comforts

Offices Designed for Client Comfort -  Mohd Yameen Office interior designer in meerut

You also want to provide creature comforts so they can feel relaxed:

  • Comfortable Seating: Look for comfortable seating in the boardroom that is ergonomically correct.
  • Kitchen Area: Consider having a kitchen in your floor plan that will allow for the safe storage of foods as well as areas to prep for caterers and delivery of take away you might have ordered. This streamlines the process and allows staff to have a go to place for deliveries, coffee, water, etc. when entertaining clients.
  • Client Lounge: Have a separate client lounge area where clients can grab a coffee with sophisticated warm beverage machines, a fully stocked fridge and snacks.

All of these details go a long way to making people feel welcome and appreciated as well as project a polished, professional image.

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