Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home Without The Hassle Of A Complete Renovation

Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home Without The Hassle Of A Complete Renovation

If you feel tired of looking at the same old spaces, but a major renovation is beyond your budget and your stress-tolerance level, there are options. Giving your home a new look doesn’t have to a be a long and expensive project. Besides the old stand-bys of paint and wallpaper, here are some ideas to revitalize your living space.

Install new windows and doors

One of the smartest improvements that you can make to your home is new windows and doors. In addition to updating the look, new products are designed for energy efficiency. They will add value to your home and cut heating and cooling costs appreciably.

Update plumbing fixtures

The selection of styles and materials for household plumbing is virtually unlimited. Sinks, tubs, toilets, and faucets are available in a wide range of prices. Changing a sink or faucet does not require moving pipes and vents, so the cost is reasonable and the job is relatively simple.

Install a skylight

In a room with limited natural light that is located under an open expanse of roof, consider adding a skylight from Middlesex County NJ roofers. Skylights are available in a variety of sizes and prices that fit your space and your budget, and the installation process is not as complicated as you might think.

Replace staircase elements

If you have a staircase, look at replacing balusters, posts, rails and steps. Staircase components are usually made of wood, and become nicked through everyday use as well as more serious damage from moving furniture and other large objects up and down stairs. Home stores carry a selection of pieces, or they can be ordered online from specialty companies.

Re-evaluate your space

An alternative to adding on is to reconsider how you use the space that you have. Would closet organizers provide more storage? In your kitchen, could a well-designed island with seating take the place of a table? Unfinished space such as basements and attics can be used more effectively. If your basement is cold, for instance, consider wine storage or install a pantry for a cool, dry storage space.

Install outdoor lighting

The days of the front porch light as the only outdoor illumination are long gone. Landscape lighting is attractive, affordable, and easily installed. Well-lit spaces are safe spaces. Outdoor lighting discourages burglars, and helps to prevent accidental falls. In sunny areas, solar lights are effective, and in less sunny climes, electric or battery-operated lights do the job.

Take an objective look at your living space. You will find many opportunities to update and reorganize that do not require calling a contractor.Informational credit to Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd.

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