Decorating seasonally provides you the opportunity to give your interior a fresh new look on a regular basis. But let’s be honest, it can look cliche and cheap if your simple turn to themed accessories like leaves, pumpkins and tropical prints.

If you’re looking to tastefully decorate with the seasons, there’s one place you should look for inspiration and that’s Melbourne home design. The city is well known for its four seasons in one day, so homeowners and designers cater for the change in weather very well.

Here we share some simple ways Melbourne design experts adapt their interiors to match the season.

  1. Play with your layout

When the weather cools, all you feel like doing is spending your evenings huddling around the fire or watching a good flick on TV. In summer, when the sun’s out you can happily open the windows and doors to let the fresh air in.

Playing with your furniture layout allows you to make the most of the seasons. In the cooler months, move your furniture around to position them around a feature of the room such as a fireplace. As it warms up, switch your layout to take advantage of outdoor views. Moving your furniture around is a simple change which can effectively transform the look and feel of your space.

  1. Change up your lighting

Lighting can successfully change the ambience of your room with a flick of the switch. In summer and spring, take advantage of the natural light during the day leaving your window treatments open. Lamps with a cool, white cotton or linen shade can add a soft light into the space when evening falls.

In the cooler months, warm up your interior by using pendants and lamps rather than your overhead lighting. If you need additional light, install a dimmer switch so you can adjust the levels to suit the mood you’re wishing to create. Change the fabric shades to a warmer material to add extra warmth to your space.

  1. Layer with fabrics and textures

One of the most affordable ways to update your interior seasonally is through fabric. In winter and fall, select cushions, throws and rugs in warm, luxurious fabrics. Materials such as wool, felt, velvet or leather can add richness to your space and make you want to snuggle indoors. Think a warm colour palette of dark blues, greys, greens and chocolates.

In spring and summer, swap out your heavy wool rug for a natural sisal rope rug. Linen and cotton cushions in soft, light colour tones can replace your heavier fabrics and keep you feeling cool when the weather heats up.

  1. Add a touch of nature

Embellishing your interior with natural elements is a simple way to connect with the seasons. You can do this through materials in your soft furnishings, accessories or with plants and foliage.

In the warmer months, a vase with fresh cut flowers adds not only a visual element, but a summery scent to the space. As the weather cools, utilize foliage in reds, deep yellows, browns and dark greens. Even a bunch of branches collected and placed in a large vase can become a great feature in your room.

Candles and oils are also an inexpensive way to bring the outdoors in through fragrance. Think lavender, lemon or fruits for summer and spices, wood and vanilla scents during the colder months.

Decorating for the seasons is all about making your home inviting whilst remaining stylish and comfortable. Stick with one or two of these simple tricks and you’ll create a home you’ll love to be in, regardless of the weather outside.

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