Tips For Spray Painting Your Home

Tips For Spray Painting Your Home

Our homes are the places we go to relax after a long day at work or to spend time with our family and friends. Due to this, and the simple fact that our homes are our priced possessions. We should always make sure that they are kept beautiful and in top shape. It is common nowadays for people to embark on renovation projects to prolong the life of the house or to improve its value in the market when putting it up for sale.

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Major renovation projects that involve heavy tasks such as extending the house or redoing the walls require the touch of a skilled contractor. On the other hand, there is the emerging trend of people opting to renovate their homes themselves. Through simple renovation projects. Simple renovation projects may involve tasks such redoing the floors,constructing shelves, and the most common and easiest task of repainting the home. Painting the home instantly makes it look beautiful and new. Spray painting is an affordable and time saving technique that is gaining popularity among the do-it-yourself renovation projects.

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When spray painting, you should go for the airless spray painting equipment, as it is more efficient and easier to use. The equipment consists of a short gun that is connected to a long hosepipe. During the spray painting process, you simply hold the gun at arm’s length, and pull the trigger to release the paint. The hosepipe allows you to move smoothly as you do the painting. When spray-painting your home, the following tips will help you achieve a perfect paint job.

Get Enough Supplies

Before you begin painting, it is important to measure the entire area you are going to paint. When you know the exact measurements of the walls you will paint, the shop attendant can tell you the amount of paint you will require. Most paint stores offer discounts when you buy in bulk. Therefore, when you decide to paint, your home, do the entire house at once. It is wise to buy extra supplies in case you do a poor job at first and will have to repaint: the surplus paint can also be stored for future use.

Prepare The Walls

It is common knowledge that before a person begins painting. It is crucial to first remove the current paint. Make sure that all of the paint comes off evenly to allow for a smooth finishing when you repaint the wall.

Read The Instructions

The instructions on the equipment holding the paint are valuable tips that will help you in your painting endeavor. Therefore, take a minute to read them before you start painting. The instructions will tell you things like how far to hold the spray gun from the wall, or how long to wait before applying a second coating, and much more.

Do Not Point, Sweep

Spray painting requires you to sweep the spray gun to get an even coat of paint. Select one section of the wall and sweep the gun horizontally and vertically until you cover the entire area. Repeat this process until you paint the entire room.

When painting, it is important to stay safe by wearing an appropriate dust mask. Also, ensure that the room is well ventilated to avoid inhaling too much paint smell.

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