Tips to stay healthy at office

Tips to stay healthy at office

We all eat good food, and take the best precautions possible to stay healthy. However what we all do not do is that we do not pay attention to what we eat during our day at office!

When you are at home your Mommy, or your wife, or your sister is there to haunt you and remind you about what to eat and what not, but at office, you are on your own.

Studies have suggested that most of the office goers drain a potential part of their energy due to stress, bad/wrong eating habits, and, habits like excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

The first and foremost problem faced by most of us during our work schedules is ‘Stress’.

Yes! ‘Stress’ is a disease in itself, and is becoming an epidemic health problem at all places of work. To curb this problem most of us end up adapting unhealthy habits like consumption of excessive alcohol after office hours, or taking too many fags and trying to exhale the stress  through those ‘smoke rings’.

While we all know that these things really do not help, but still a majority of us do the same.

So, let’s first find out how what are the best tips to curb this problem called ‘Stress’.

Tips to Curb ‘Stress’

To curb down stress, all you need is ‘STRESS BUSTERS’!!!!

Here are some ideal ‘STRESS BUSTERS’, which you can try at your office –

Illuminate you Desk/Work Station/Working Space well- Surprise? Well most of us do not know, but the light and the color of the light we work under plays an important role in adding/decreasing stress in our body.

Yellow Light- Increases concentration, however, generates more heat, and increase precipitation. AS a general piece of advice, one must abstain from using yellow light during summers.

White Light- Best to be used during summers, as it generates lesser heat.

Green Light- Improves concentration and imparts a positive effect on both body and mind.

Your Sitting Position can be your biggest enemy-

Most of us do not pay attention to the kind of chair, we are using while working on our desk. And we continue to do so, until one find day we find out that our chair has contributed the most in adding stress tour body.

If you are an employee at an office, you do not have many choices to go in for, as your boss is not going to change the whole ‘office furniture’ for you. So, all you are left with is, that you need to some how figure out the best way to use your office furniture rightly.

And if your office furniture is comfortable, then you are a ’LUCKY LAD’!

But hay, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need these tips, shared below!!!! Have a look and check out how you can cut down a major portion of your stress just by using these simple tips.

Sitting upright, which a proper back rest placed just at the right position can keep you cozy and comfortable all day
Clenching your fist once in every 15 seconds and rotating your neck clock wise once in an hour can also let you loose a lot of stress.

Have a look at the ‘Office Exercises Chart’ below and loosen your stiff bones a bit!!!


 Tips to let You Stay Healthy

What to Eat & What Not- Well all have a soft corner for graciously cooked food, and why not! But at times our food habits can end up in putting us at uncalled emergencies like heart attacks, high blood pressure shoot up, nausea etc.

So while you are in office avoid eating fried food and fat-filled snacks. Try to consume more of carbohydrate then fats during the day. Take more of juice, or self made beverages like ‘TANG’, ‘Glucose’ etc, and avoid intake of Coffee (cold/hot), Tea etc, they all are the same. Pumping caffeine in your veins is not going to help you get rid of ‘Stress’.

1 Apple + 1 Day= Keeps the Doctor Away- This equations fits best if you are a non cigarette smoker, or you prefer to take ‘Fresh Juice’ instead of ‘Old Malt’.


1 peg + 1 Day= Keeps the Doctor Away- This equation is the best, which would allow you to stay fit (Scientific studies have revealed that 1 peg of red wine each day, cuts down the cholesterol  and saturated fats in your body, thus helps in keeping the heart healthy).

Incase you are a die hard smoker and you love to drink (Alcohol Off course!!) like a fish, then, better start reducing your limit!!

If you have been drinking or smoking since ages quitting both cigarettes & alcohol can be a challenge for you (unless you have decided not to look at them at all). So, start reducing both gradually and steadily.

And off course if you can put a stop to both of them, then trust me, you’ll be calling for a new dawn in your life!!!

Stay tuned for more tips to come next week, as we have some awesome tips for you for each season and month ………………………………!!!!!

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