Unique Ways To Make Your Bathroom Modern

Unique Ways To Make Your Bathroom Modern

When wanting to makeover your bathroom and create a modern look, there are a number of ways to allow it to look more contemporary. Besides staining the cabinets or installing new knobs, there are unique ways that can transform the room and allow it to stand out to your guests. To change the look of the bathroom and allow it to feel like home, there are a few additions that will make for one of the most enjoyed rooms of the home.

Add Extra Furniture Pieces

More people are adding cozy furniture pieces to the bathroom to dress up the space and allow it to feel welcoming. From benches to vanities, it allows the bathroom to have more functionality while contributing to the modern design. Consider adding an extra table for towels or a few chairs for a seating area.

Use a Raised Pedestal Sink

For a modern feature that will allow your bathroom to look regal and sophisticated, a raised pedestal sink is a trendy accent that will enhance the aesthetics of the room. Try finding a porcelain or stainless steel sink that is rounded or square. The feature will add dimension to the counter-tops and incorporate extra luxury into the modern design of the room. The sink is also considered to be a space saver and will allow the design and counter-tops to stand out more.

Use Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are one of the current trends for modern bathrooms for a feature that is innovative and offers a bit of architecture in the space. According to Plumb Perfect Ltd, Brampton plumbing, freestanding tubs are dramatic and offer the same functionality as built-in tubs. The style is modern and unique for a look that will work as the focal point in the bathroom.

Create a Doorless Shower

Expand the size of your shower by removing the doors and expanding the walls for a walk-in bathing experience that is modern and chic. The style is increasing in popularity for the sleek look that is more open and accommodating.

When changing the bathroom to a modern design that is more current, there are several updates that will increase the overall aesthetics. By adding unique features that stand out and look high-end, you’ll allow guests to feel welcome while residents will feel right at home. After seeing the final results of the bathroom, you may end up upgrading more rooms of the home to match the beautiful design.

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