How to Use Pantones Colour of the Year 2014

How to Use Pantones Colour of the Year 2014

Every year Pantone announces a Colour of the Year. The colour is noted to appear from fashion to home interiors and everything in between. The colour for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, a purple reminiscent of lilac but available in deeper tones closer to the colour you would recognize in the flecks of a classic orchid. Pantone does not only introduce the colour of the year, but an entire list of colours of note. Here are a few ideas of how to use Radiant Orchid as well as some of the other colours deemed worthy of note for 2014.

Radiant Orchid

The nature of this purple can make it a little hard for many to stomach or even envision using within the home. However it can be an excellent accent colour used on throw cushions and blankets as well as bedding in the bedroom. It goes well with white and is distinctly feminine making it perfect for an updated little girl’s room. It can also work well in bathrooms on shower curtains and other accents pieces such as towels and rugs.


This is a much spicier, bolder colour than purple and is an excellent accent in the kitchen. Consider applying cayenne to custom glass splash backs and counters to capture the purity of the colour with added sparkle and durability. Cayenne can really be used in any room from bedrooms to bathrooms, but it really makes a perfect accent to spice up the kitchen.


Well if you are finished yawning try taking a second look. Neutrals are still very popular and sand is a warmer colour than many of the neutrals such as grays. Sand can be the perfect backdrop for any room and is especially effective when used throughout the home in common areas such as foyers, hallways and up stair cases. It is also a very calm colour ideal for neutral master bedrooms.

Placid Blue

This is a pretty colour that is becoming popular for use in many different areas of the home. Sofas, bedding and even wall colours bring a cool, serene feeling using this pale blue. It is also appearing in kitchen cabinets and can be easily added to your kitchen with custom splash backs and even work tops. It works particularly well in master bathrooms due to its peaceful, relaxing tones and works nicely with glass and white marble.

Paloma Gray

Gray has been popular for a good 10 years now and Paloma is a very sedate colour lovely on soft furnishings, accent rugs and of course on walls. Although gray can be masculine there is a certain gentleness to this hue of gray that makes it well suited to any home.

Hemlock Green

This colour is very close to the retro green that appeared on everything from cars to appliances in the 50’s. This makes it an excellent choice for that retro look kitchen and is perfect on glass splashbacks when paired with retro laminates on furniture and work tops. It is also a hue that has appeared for a few years now on glass furniture and tiles.

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